Ringtones are sounds made by phones when ringing. You can change the ringtone which makes your phone stand out from the crowd.

Not all phones supports personalized ringtones, please read your phone manual or contact your operator.

There are several types of ringtones, the two most commonly used:
  • Polyphonic ringtones have no vocals and are made up of up to 16 different instruments.
  • Monophonic ringtones have no vocals and you hear one note at a time.
On this page you can download ringtones for free.

Free ringtones:

Mono ringtones



Platform: MIPD/1.0, CLDC/1.0
Screen size: 12x12 pixels

This demonstration requires the Java Plugin.

Click here to demonstrate the midlet.

How to download:

You can download midlets, ringtones, logos and wallpapers in one of two ways:
  • Method 1. Download directly to your mobile using WAP:

    1. Your mobile must be WAP enabled. Please ensure that your mobile supports the specific content before you continue. This WAP service is for mobile owners who can not transfer the files to their mobile using cable/infrared/bluetooth. Also some mobiles only allow file transfer using WAP.

    2. Configure your WAP settings according to your mobile manual.

    3. Create a bookmark that points to: http://www.mobilefish.com/wap

    4. Access the WAP site, browse the categories and choose the midlet you want to download and click the send key.

    5. You will be prompted with information listing the details of the selected MIDlet, press "Download" to commence the downloading of the midlet.

      Please be aware that using "Method 1" your cellphone carrier may charge fees for accessing its WAP service.

      Mobilefish.com does not charge anything for its free downloads.

  • Method 2. Download to your PC and then transfer to your device via cable or infra-red link:

    1. Select a midlet, ringtone, logo or wallpaper.

    2. If a midlet is selected, download both the application (.jar) and the application descriptor (.jad) files onto your computer.

      If a ringtone, logo or wallpaper is selected, download the file onto your computer.

    3. Use a cable or an infra-red link to transfer the file to your device, see your device manual for details.