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Posted by Taylor at May 5, 2012 08:00:55 CEST
Where/what is the plain power (^) function/equation??
Posted by Robert Lie at August 22, 2014 14:34:22 CEST
Added bigPow(a,b) function
Posted by Manu at November 5, 2014 00:02:59 CET
The tools you provide are awesome! Helped me a lot to check my calculations! Thanks!
Posted by Com at December 31, 2014 01:45:44 CET
powMod(2,0,1) returned 1 not 0
Posted by Gregory at January 28, 2015 18:31:11 CET
Thanks for the tool, it is really help full for my project right now. I was wondering why you didn't implement a division operator? I try to figure out an algorithm for this one. Also how are you implementing the mod operator? Thanks.
Posted by Tom at January 12, 2017 12:30:31 CET
Theres problem regarding modulo of negative values, example:
a=5, b=10, c = 9, mod(sub(a,b),c) i.e. (-5 mod 9) returns 5 instead 4
Posted by Santosh Chokhani at August 6, 2017 02:30:39 CEST
I am trying to test 2048 bit RSA modulus in hex form and a large integer composite of product of all primes between 3 and 751 or GCD which should be 1, but I am getting low primes as GCD. I wonder if the tool is working correctly.
Posted by Moriarty at September 25, 2017 05:55:42 CEST
Let a = 40adbc6b19cf399c258ad4b1d27e128fa3322758b99b866042f4fedc60b200a05fbc0b798b4415b0cfea61, and
b = 6c13cd835651388c48aa61bc252098b586742da7a76e9e9a6cb423.

GCD(a,b) returns 9, but GCD(b,a) returns 1.
Posted by Rob at May 1, 2018 04:02:09 CEST
Thanks for the great tool!!! Can you add a function to divide values? If that is too complicated then a simple shift would be great. That way I can divide numbers by 2, 4, etc which is actually exactly what I need.
Posted by Danilo Enrique Ramirez Mosquera at March 31, 2020 18:44:48 CEST
muy bueno
Posted by Avi at February 3, 2022 05:08:33 CET
need a function for (a*(b^c)) % d
Posted by Mark Clarkson at July 8, 2022 10:26:41 CEST
The best large number calculator I have found. My request is for a floor and ceiling function; ex: floor(18.9)=18 and ceil(18.9)=19. Thanks!