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Posted by Ozan at October 11, 2010 13:53:51 CEST
Thanks, very useful article, but I am stuck on the last step. Although I have project on the workbench, I can not make it appear on the "Available Projects" list when adding to the server. Is there a project parameter that makes it appear there or not? Apparently I am missing something but what? I would be very glad if anyone can help me...
Thanks a lot...
Posted by Ashok Bugude at October 17, 2011 15:32:03 CEST
i dont get "WASCE v2.1 server adapter" in "install new server panel",i get upto "pramati server plugin" and stops,please help
Posted by Ashok Bugude at October 17, 2011 15:38:55 CEST
I have selected "download additional server adapters" from new server runtime panel, but i get upto PRAMATI server 6.0 plugin, and i dont get

WASCE version 2.1 adapter of IBM please help, in between i get a dialog box from to enter id and password,should i create an account or should i click cancel ?