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Posted by Arthur at June 11, 2010 16:59:47 CEST
first time using this app. hope it works!
Posted by Andy Cool at October 9, 2011 11:44:05 CEST
Hallo , finaly I find hieroglyphs generator ;-D thanks.
Posted by John at December 13, 2011 02:52:36 CET
It's awesome!
It works very well!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Posted by K9 at July 18, 2012 03:09:55 CEST
First time using this
Posted by Apex at August 4, 2012 00:54:53 CEST
Posted by Abby at August 24, 2012 03:13:01 CEST
cool stufff
Posted by Feather at October 18, 2012 00:31:55 CEST
this is fun
Posted by Dee Sankey at February 25, 2013 23:51:03 CET
Hope this helps me with my assignment
Posted by Nov13670 at March 4, 2013 20:14:20 CET
Very Cool.
Posted by Ahmed Mohamed at March 16, 2013 14:40:34 CET
Posted by Aya Yasin at March 26, 2013 19:29:41 CET
thanx i needed it for my home work
Posted by Ali at October 16, 2013 17:34:27 CEST
unbelievably perfect
Posted by Ali at November 7, 2013 16:58:28 CET
can you suggest some other web sites like this?
Posted by Derpina at November 15, 2013 07:47:19 CET
stumbled upon this. found it hilarious that my first instinct was to try my best at writing out Atemu's name. Haha

I was sad that there isn't much option for diminutives, and no option for "Ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt" using the sedge and the bee. Nor are there any of the God specific hieroglyphs such as Amun Ra or Isis, which would often be placed before name in a cartouche.

As it is this is an extremely limited version of an "alphabet", but still silly to play with.
Posted by Sabrina at November 25, 2013 17:37:42 CET
Making my sister's Christmas pressie with this, thanks so much for the awesome translation =D
Posted by Ashley at December 8, 2013 10:46:09 CET
It's okay. It only works phonetically with sayings and sentences. There is no real Egyptian grammar involved.
Posted by Rehab at May 7, 2014 14:30:42 CEST
hope it works
Posted by Babyg at May 22, 2014 10:49:48 CEST
Posted by Jennie at September 17, 2014 13:20:03 CEST
Great for daughter's homework
Posted by Cliff Iles at October 31, 2014 11:38:01 CET
looking for translations
Posted by Sneaky Phil at November 13, 2014 00:55:19 CET
I love this! I used it for a school project and it worked amazingly! Thank you so much!!!
Posted by Elizabeth at December 3, 2014 17:55:34 CET
SO INTERESTING ... a great tool to engage a young person's interest in Egypt & history! Many THANKS!
Posted by Riley at December 10, 2014 02:47:01 CET
Posted by Nick at June 1, 2015 17:38:03 CEST
They face a direction based on class.

I've no idea, but they also use left and right hand for a reason
Posted by Nancy Bohardin at September 10, 2015 23:57:02 CEST
very good!! :) :)
Posted by Eva Takacs at September 29, 2015 11:47:44 CEST
Super :-) Thx
Posted by Book Bandit at October 12, 2015 17:11:07 CEST
Best translator ever!
Posted by John at November 6, 2015 22:26:28 CET
Awesome works very well 💩
Posted by Ken at January 16, 2016 06:25:25 CET
I finally found a good hieroglyph generator! Thanks a lot!
Posted by Bob at March 13, 2016 11:32:03 CET
Posted by Mo at March 24, 2016 16:43:35 CET
In our class, we can read and write using hieroglyphs.
Posted by Mnhophvb at May 6, 2016 16:33:28 CEST
where is the word imprinted?
Posted by Alex at December 5, 2016 10:28:45 CET
Great for daughter's homework
Posted by Thisguydoinghomework at March 23, 2017 00:35:01 CET
this is awesome using it for my homework
Posted by Jody at March 29, 2017 00:29:17 CEST
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Posted by Person at March 16, 2018 17:04:50 CET
it was so easy to make a worksheet!
Posted by Grapegod at March 20, 2018 02:09:35 CET
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Posted by Nerd at May 29, 2018 08:01:05 CEST
Best website for hieroglyphics and it free. Best thing to use for social studies or global studies.
Posted by Alex at May 30, 2018 21:52:23 CEST
Can you contacto my e-mail please? I have bought a scarab and would like to know what is written on there. Would like to send you a photos of it.
Can you help?
Posted by Jamie Plowman-render at August 25, 2018 21:31:55 CEST
Posted by Random at September 20, 2018 17:04:01 CEST
everything is meaningless we all go to anubis at some point