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Posted by Michael Fourre at November 27, 2008 20:45:21 CET
How exactly do you set a PATH environment variable? I went to the environment variables section and tried to add it, but failed miserably... =P Can you please help? I would really love to get this decompiler working.
Posted by Robert Lie at November 28, 2008 09:14:15 CET
Hi Michael,

If you are using Windows XP:

1) Select Start | Settings | Control Panel
2) Double click System
3) Select tab Advanced
4) Click button "Environment Variables"
5) In the System Variables window, select Path
6) Click Edit button
7) Add in field "Variable value": ;c:\Tools\jad1.5.8

Note: You can also use a Graphical UI, see:
Posted by Nitinb at December 26, 2008 13:29:56 CET
Thanks for the FrontEnd link. The link is not provided on the jad website i.e. on
Posted by Bob at March 23, 2009 22:19:44 CET
The link is dead. Where can I get it now?
Posted by Robert Lie at March 24, 2009 20:59:03 CET
Hi Bob,

The Jad decompiler can be downloaded from
Posted by Prachi Jain at August 27, 2009 09:34:02 CEST
how to convert the data for sjava do i need to put my folder path from where i get the class file -dsrc the source bin/**/*.class

my class file are at C:\CGL Code\Proview.war\WEB-INF\classes

so please let me know how to writte command to get all the class file
Posted by Mark at September 4, 2009 21:34:59 CEST
My files are located somewhere else. Where can i find this bin folder?
Posted by Ivmai at December 15, 2009 13:34:46 CET
Jad is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, Jad is no longer maintained (the latest release is jad1.5.8g) while the java compilers continue to evolve... To achieve better results (including for Java 1.5+ classes) in decompilation, process the classes with JadRetro ( tool before decompiling them by Jad. (Of course, the tool can't make Jad produce the correct source in all cases but tries to do its best.)
Posted by Atanas at July 7, 2010 17:38:33 CEST
You can download jad with DJ Java Decompiler from DJ adds support for annotations in java 1.5
Posted by Jayanth at September 24, 2010 13:05:16 CEST
good one thanks
Posted by Kalpesh Soni at September 29, 2011 20:08:52 CEST
Also read the readme

You can specify the options you want to be set by default in the environment variable
JAD_OPTIONS. For example:

JAD_OPTIONS=-ff+ -nonlb+ -t+ -space+ -lnc+
Posted by Anand at July 23, 2012 18:07:56 CEST
Thank you so much. I tried looking at many websites to learn to use JAD but I feel this explanation provided me to decompile to the best.. thanks again..