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Posted by chaitanya at May 22, 2008 22:50:22 CEST
Great work,
Its really helped me to use logs in jsp.
keep it up.
Posted by Abhishek at June 16, 2008 18:25:30 CEST
this is really a good article.
just wanna to know what changes it need to make it running with weblogic server
Posted by Norman at June 24, 2008 08:47:38 CEST
Very nice, thanks for this.
Posted by Mike at September 13, 2008 19:12:00 CEST
How do we log debug statement only on certain conditions. Here it will log on page load. How it will log if certain condition is met and not on page load.
Posted by Ronak at March 3, 2009 22:46:16 CET
Very well written article. It showed me exactly what I needed. Thanks!
Posted by Sanjay at March 18, 2010 08:00:46 CET
Its really very helpful, even a leman can understand what to do? And how to do log4j ? Keep it up for other topics also.
Posted by Mohit at June 7, 2012 09:34:07 CEST
If we want the whole thing to display dynamically on JSP as and when Log file content is changing , How can we do it ??
Pls help