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Posted by Richard at December 4, 2016 06:33:11 CET
Should this page not be updated to include the 3.3v connection and the move away from the TTN Croft? (Everything is outdated as it's uploaded these days!) Great site btw - super content.
Posted by Felix at December 14, 2016 16:45:32 CET
I have problem getting rid of the "unrecognized transceiver" error message when running the compiled binary. I'm using Raspberry Pi 3 with v1.3 of the LoRa Shield. Not sure whether this is the reason why...
Posted by Baxter at December 27, 2016 07:45:49 CET
dragino V1.3 doesnt use 5v, it uses 3.3 v instead

dont connect dragino pin 23(5v) with raspi pin 2(5v)
connect dragino pin 22(3.3v) with raspi pin 1(3.3v)
Posted by Fedor at March 11, 2017 15:13:16 CET
Baxter, thank you. I've connected p22 to p1. LED on lora shield has been lighted. But I still receive "unrecognised transiever". Have you got any ideas?
Posted by Sam at May 19, 2017 11:33:25 CEST
Hi sir!
I'm trying to use the Lora module I bought to build a gateway.
The module is SPI interface and it work successful with Arduino, the sample code I use is from :
And then I saw the project of using Pi and Dragino Lora module to build a gateway also with SPI interface.
But the Raspberry Pi can't read my Lora module but Arduino.
I used the SPI test sample code from Raspberry forum, the test result showed the Pi can read from arduino but nothing from Lora module.
Here's my module:
Could you tell me where did I go wrong?
Posted by Arjan at June 25, 2017 10:03:06 CEST
Please note that the used has been deprecated. It's no longer maintained and above all: has never supported downlinks, and hence no OTAA either.
Posted by Intern Usmc at August 18, 2017 03:52:45 CEST
My gateway uses the same configuration above but operates at 915 MHz. I am using the single channel packet forwarder code by tfelkamp.

My gateway only the detects the first message it received and ignores the all messages afterwards. It is still connected to the TTN server but does not receive anymore messages.

Can anyone explain what might be the cause of this?
Posted by Risdian Shah at November 17, 2017 13:37:50 CET
hai..for raspberry pi 3 you need to change eth0 to wlan0 to change the gateway id..tq
Posted by Hari at December 4, 2017 05:56:32 CET
Hi, is there a way to transmit data from Smartphone via WiFi to LoRAWAN gateway and then from the LoRAwan gateway to the Desktop PC? If yes how?
Posted by Chauque at May 14, 2018 11:54:19 CEST
Dear sir
Can i control from gateway to end-node?
Thank for supporting me!
Posted by Henda at November 3, 2018 07:47:48 CET
hello! can you help me about my lora gateway!!! it work but still not connected on TTN
Posted by Igor at July 3, 2019 14:13:56 CEST
Can I use Orange PC (with H3 processor ) in this project instead Raspberry Pi 3 model B ?
Posted by Tejas Lotlikar at November 21, 2019 06:19:23 CET
Nice tutorial. i want to know if i can create a Lora gateway using Raspberry Pi 3 and Lora module RFM95W and just skip the dragino shield?
Posted by Umar Farid at December 5, 2019 19:50:26 CET
what change do i have to make for frequency 915mhz
Posted by Projlora at March 22, 2020 14:25:19 CET
I have been trying to send my water flow sensor data to the ttn server through ABP using the hello world sketch but haven’t been successful on it. I am using HPD13A SX1276 wireless transceiver LoRa module along with ATmega328 microcontroller and the LoRa gateway is constituted manually which includes Raspberry Pi (2B), LoRa transceiver (SX1276- RFM95/ HPD13A) and Internet enabled Ethernet connectivity.

I am confused that where should i put my flow sensor code ( which reads the sensor data on a real-time basis) in the hello world sketch so that it sends it to the ttn server or is there any other way i can send my flow sensor data to ttn.

I had also referred DHT sensor data transmission to TTN sketch from the youtube video but couldn’t get anything out of it.