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Posted by G at February 19, 2014 17:12:23 CET
Thank you so much for this. Extremely useful.

Posted by Dan Lee at November 12, 2015 14:46:24 CET
Thank you for this great guide!

I spotted a mistake in the last two examples of the calculation in the time-code-based time:
0xE350 equals 80 beats per frame not 50. And the same applies for 0xE250.

It seems like the binary representation for the bits 0-7 is mixed up too. It should be 01010000 instead of 00110010.
Posted by Top Dowg at January 24, 2020 19:52:58 CET
Very helpful.
Thank you very much.
Posted by Jayant Panhalkar at August 27, 2021 21:00:10 CEST
Here delta time = 240
In real time it's 0.2777775 micro seconds
I got this time from python code
But in real life how to calculate time in micro seconds from delta time?