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good product :)
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this online service is greattt!!
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Convert> * Please enter a valid corner radius.> corner radius window is grey, not interactive.
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Good tools
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Good Service
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this is good
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User friendly and easy to use.
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very helpfull and powerfull tools.. Thank You!!
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How can I add extension number to the phones? I'm putting "Ext.: ##" following the number but I get "invalid number" when I try to generate the qr codes :(
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I want to make sticker by generating multiple up qr code
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very good
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Neat product - tks for your effort!

When creating the text to put into one of the 4 nominal printed text fields, is it possible to force a NewLine to get a multi-line output for a long entry, rather than just decreasing the font size so it fits on line line?

Long line all on one line

Long line broken
into two lines.
Posted by Tyler at November 15, 2018 16:33:28 CET
When I try to download img, it says "* Image cannot be downloaded." Any idea why?
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great tool
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