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good product :)
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this online service is greattt!!
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Convert> * Please enter a valid corner radius.> corner radius window is grey, not interactive.
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Good tools
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Good Service
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this is good
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User friendly and easy to use.
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very helpfull and powerfull tools.. Thank You!!
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How can I add extension number to the phones? I'm putting "Ext.: ##" following the number but I get "invalid number" when I try to generate the qr codes :(
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I want to make sticker by generating multiple up qr code
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very good
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Neat product - tks for your effort!

When creating the text to put into one of the 4 nominal printed text fields, is it possible to force a NewLine to get a multi-line output for a long entry, rather than just decreasing the font size so it fits on line line?

Long line all on one line

Long line broken
into two lines.