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Posted by Brenda at December 15, 2017 21:47:22 CET

I saw in your video number 27 you showed how to give a newly generated coin value.
A few years ago I did a treasure hunt mining process. I have seen newly generated coins show up in my wallet. I have been unable to process them and was unsure of any value. Your explanation seems like it is what I need to do to give the coin value.

I down loaded python 3.5.3 and node.js 8.93 and installed the bitcoin lib along with the other installs on your site for the node install. I’m getting error messages when I try to do the same thing you did. I used your example as a practice. I'm unsure of my python skills. I need an easy way to do this.

When I look at a transaction from an address in my wallet the scripts are different from what you explained. I read something which said in a coinbase coin there will be no scriptsig. Would you know which scripts to use in the Hexadecimal value? I have included a transaction numbers below the values seem confusing. Would you know how and what values to use to process the coins.


Posted by Vengat at June 19, 2018 14:34:43 CEST
Hello ,
Entire wallet value only transfer to another address but split up btc value didn't send to another address .share some suggestion.
Posted by Augi Blutz at May 14, 2020 13:44:05 CEST
I tried the first example and got:

TypeError: keyPair.getAddress is not a function
at WriteStream.<anonymous> (d:\Bjs\b1.js:13:37)
at Object.onceWrapper (events.js:417:26)
at WriteStream.emit (events.js:310:20)
at internal/fs/streams.js:326:10
at FSReqCallback.oncomplete (fs.js:155:23)