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Posted by Brian at August 6, 2019 14:10:38 CEST
I used this number (wild card on the area code - No words were found in: ***8*07873) to prove your product doesn't work. Note the last 4 digits.... 7873 actually spells "Pure" - I believe you are more interested in selling adds.
Posted by Infearow at October 24, 2019 00:00:15 CEST
I believe it gives you a word with ALL the numbers if it were to break down it would take longer and more results
Posted by Ali at December 29, 2019 21:45:05 CET
Didn’t work for me!
Posted by Julia Kosowicz at April 23, 2020 13:04:52 CEST
this works amazing! i dont know why there are sooo much hate comments :(
Posted by Li at January 15, 2021 17:40:32 CET
works very well, don't know why people don't like it
Posted by Steven Sarens at February 18, 2021 12:14:36 CET
Please introduce a third option, which would be no language at all, listing the arguably millions of possibilities randomly per hundred, leaving it to the user to fecide what is usable or not.