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Posted by Peter Soegaard at November 27, 2009 14:20:16 CET
It's a very usefull QR generator!

Thanks a lot!

Posted by Rob at March 20, 2010 09:14:14 CET
There seems to be a bug in the generator. Any message with 79 or more characters generates an enormous image with a lot of repeating patterns. This is immediately apparent when making a vCard.

Also, the "Content type" select box doesn't change the form in Chrome.
Posted by Robert Lie at March 21, 2010 14:11:47 CET

Thanks for finding the bugs! In an upcoming release in April these bugs are fixed.


Robert Lie
Posted by Mobile Marketing at April 9, 2010 21:58:53 CEST
I can't wait till these qr codes can hold more than 60 characters... Just turn a book into a QR code
Posted by Appreciative Visitor at May 10, 2010 07:52:00 CEST
The bug still appears to exist causing the enormous image with repeating patterns. That aside, this is the most feature rich generator I have found for handling vCard information. I look forward to the bug being fixed so that I may use the output.

PS: If you need help fixing the problem, and the code is PHP, I would be happy to have a look.
Posted by Rani Monson at October 21, 2010 16:48:30 CEST
Sweet! Love it! Thank you for making this available.

Posted by Eugene Ivan at November 19, 2010 23:23:29 CET
Brilliant! All the flexibility needed to create attractive codes.

Well done, and thank you for making this available.

Posted by Nicky at January 12, 2011 21:42:56 CET
Thanks for an almost perfect QR generator with scandinavian letters. And where the name/phone goes into the right fields on my phone (HTC Legend). I only miss to include af title, mailaddress and a company name. Then it would be absolutly perfect.

:O) Nicky
Posted by Robert Lie at January 13, 2011 21:12:11 CET
Hi Nicky,

Thanks for your comment! You can now add your title, email and company name when you generate a Businesscard (vCard).

Robert Lie
Posted by Joanne Flick at January 28, 2011 07:30:01 CET
Can someone please verify that the bugs identified above in regards to generating a usable QR code for vcards has been resolved?

Much appreciated.

Posted by Darrell Maclennan at April 4, 2011 23:50:36 CEST
I love your script - can I buy it to use on my site for an event ticketing system. My event is on the 30th of April & I need action, fast. Thanks.
Posted by Gary at June 3, 2011 15:06:53 CEST

At last a vcard generator that does nto have a comma between First and Last name AND puts them in the right order when saving to contacts (Using iPhone 4 and i-nigma)

The only thing missing now is ability to put the address in.

Bookmarked and thank you for the generator!
Posted by High Up Marketing at June 25, 2011 09:37:58 CEST
Best QR code generator yet, perfect vcard display. Works we for importing to iphone contacts. Cheers for making it.
Posted by Jim at August 9, 2011 06:27:13 CEST
Very nice QR generator! I just created a Vcard and it works perfect for my android phone.
Posted by Kristen at September 26, 2011 22:20:42 CEST
It would be great if you could add a website field for the VCard. Otherwise, awesome generator. Thanks!
Posted by Frank at October 17, 2011 17:56:48 CEST
Posted by Mk at October 17, 2011 17:57:57 CEST
Very nice thanks
Posted by Rob1 at November 6, 2011 19:23:38 CET
It would be so great to have the website address and cell number in the vcard generator... it would be perfect if that were in place
Posted by Sheila at December 1, 2011 19:22:43 CET
When I input the info for a Vcard, when the QR code is generated it puts the zip code BEFORE the city and state instead of after it. Can that get fixed?? SFL
Posted by Mark at December 21, 2011 09:26:29 CET
Thanks a lot for sharing the qr code generator
Posted by Gerrie at December 29, 2011 06:49:35 CET
This is fantastic. Thank you for making this available.
Posted by Giemmevi at January 29, 2012 17:27:25 CET
awesome service you provide here, thanks a lot! I just set up a guerilla marketing experiment using an qr code created here!
Posted by Peter at February 9, 2012 09:44:46 CET
can i take a photo of a qr code , store it in my pc as a jpg , then later use some kind of sorwere to read it, and is this available for a mobile ie Blackberry ???? peter
Posted by Sam Trenholme at March 17, 2012 20:47:13 CET
I just want to thank you for making this freely available. This is the only free online QR code generator I have found that allows me to set the ECC level.
Posted by Jarmo at April 1, 2012 12:16:50 CEST
Trying out plenty of different QR-code generators, and none of them accept Scandic letters (while trying them out with Windows Phone 7, Nokia Lumia 800). For example if the name of company was Ääni two first letters looks like jibberish and then there is "ni" in the end. If there's anything to be done for that, I'd be appreciated. Anyways this seems fantastic :)
Posted by Dinorah at May 29, 2012 22:10:44 CEST
This works awesome! Can you add the fuctionality to create a vCard that includesL
1) Work number and extension
2) Mobile Number

Thank you!
Posted by Dinorah at May 29, 2012 22:15:02 CEST
Please add fax number also. Awesome job guys/gals!
Posted by Robert Lie at June 1, 2012 02:05:40 CEST
Mobile number, fax number and URL added.

Zip code is now put AFTER the city and state.
Posted by Mahmoud at June 3, 2012 20:27:55 CEST
I would like to thank you for your amazing effort to be honest. I checked every single QR website available. And I highly recommend your site as it has enough customisation, guidance and generated codes are read easily compared to many other sites which are very hard to read specially when made in small size.

The only issue I had that everytime I generate a vCard code, the code when scanned shows the country entered followed by United Kingdom

i.e. United StatesUnitedKingdom given I've written in the country field United States only.
Browser used is Chrome 19.0.1084.52 m

Posted by Wisdom at September 16, 2012 19:30:13 CEST
very good to get vcard
Posted by Gavin Mcquillan at February 11, 2013 18:07:06 CET
Seems to be an error in vCard generation.

If you use full name without company name then it is fine, howver when you use a company name it seems to overwrite the persons full name which then does not appear.
Posted by Tamar at July 9, 2013 07:41:14 CEST
Helped me a lot. Great.
Posted by Gopal Patel at September 30, 2013 18:29:09 CEST
Very useful Information,
Posted by Inder at October 31, 2014 10:26:49 CET
Thank u so much
Posted by Joe at June 19, 2020 19:22:00 CEST
How do you have the URL link open automatically when QR Code is scanned?
Posted by Luca P at September 23, 2021 16:44:54 CEST
the qr code doesn't include first and last name and other fields when used with an iphone (iOS)
it works with android