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Posted by Bernard at October 26, 2011 07:39:11 UTC
Good code!
Posted by Erui at December 9, 2011 10:37:13 UTC
Thanks for this nice tool!
One suggestion, put a clear button at first box of generated coords, the delete button it's ok but if you want erase all the coords with select and delete button it's pain in the ass.

best regards
Posted by Pedro at December 15, 2011 18:05:24 UTC
Thank you for this simple and working tool, you saved my day!
Posted by Jayesh Amin at February 12, 2013 14:00:11 UTC
Great work dude. You are awesome!!
Posted by Raj at June 7, 2013 12:53:23 UTC
Great site
Posted by Adrian at January 11, 2014 22:47:54 UTC
how do you clear all the recorded co-ordinates?
Posted by Jidheesh at April 1, 2014 11:03:13 UTC
Very helpful site
Posted by Kamal at April 8, 2014 12:00:29 UTC
Awesome Work. very helpful.
Posted by Nisha at April 14, 2014 07:43:52 UTC
superb Tool..
Posted by Raj at May 16, 2014 10:34:40 UTC
Nice Job
Posted by Ravi at October 7, 2014 05:00:15 UTC
It's nice. But where is the code for selected coordinates. Most crucial part is Missing..!!
Posted by Arman at October 10, 2014 09:34:28 UTC
Many thanks! You saved my day. Great!
Posted by Gaurang at October 17, 2014 12:17:44 UTC
Superb tool ,but if you provide Cordinate with graph in background of image while taking the points,its Gonna be awesome
Posted by Howie B at October 20, 2014 21:01:35 UTC
Just what I needed to assign name tags to school photos. Saved loads of work, Thanks
Posted by Hasintha at November 30, 2014 07:57:22 UTC
awesome. Thanks mate
Posted by Justin at December 28, 2014 14:49:59 UTC
This website is amazing but for some reason whenever I type in my access code it keeps saying it is wrong. How can I fix this problem? It use to work all the time. This problem has just started for me recently.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by Mike at August 7, 2015 15:33:44 UTC
Very cool web app. I've got a feature request. Could you add the ability to output a right-angled box using something like this:

Coordinate 1: Min(X), Min(Y)
Coordinate 2: Max(X), Min(Y)
Coordinate 3: Min(X), Max(Y)
Coordinate 4: Max(X), Max(Y)

And, maybe allow the user to specify a certain number of pixels for padding. This would be great for creating square/rectangular images of irregularly shaped objects within larger images.
Posted by Vipin at September 5, 2015 13:34:36 UTC
hii, i want to use this tool in my website just for show mouse click coordinates. can you show me how i can do that ?
Posted by Rich at October 24, 2015 22:15:04 UTC
for some reason I am getting invalid coordinates every time?
Posted by Vikas at December 5, 2015 07:16:32 UTC
greate work
Posted by Someone Who Needs Help at January 4, 2016 10:00:22 UTC
how do you code it so that the x coor and y coor can show when mouse over
Posted by Gaurav Shukla at January 12, 2016 09:54:50 UTC
Thank you so much for sharing the above information.
I need one more favour from you that I want to know if I set the recorded pixels as clickable items in the jpg then will it create problem in different screens like monitors of different size.

for example if (387,99) is recorded as (x,y) coordinate as per selection in above image then will it point to different position if I check the coordinate in some other screen.
Posted by Lacey at April 25, 2016 19:20:13 UTC
Incredible. Saved me lots of time and sanity. Thank you SO MUCH!!!
Posted by Rock at May 2, 2016 13:13:10 UTC
Where can I find the respective code
Posted by Hnin at May 5, 2016 19:19:18 UTC
This is exactly what I need. You save my day.
Thanks a million!!!
Posted by Shahad at June 15, 2016 13:50:13 UTC
Hi, it's very nice and useful app
put i want to display x-coordinate in a dialoge box
and y- coordinate in another in order to copy it in my app
best regards
Posted by George at February 17, 2017 15:02:55 UTC
No way to copy the coordinates and put them into the other boxes, or to use the coordinates elsewhere. Must copy each x and y individually. For me that means for 40 coordinates I must copy/paste or re-type 80 numbers. Why not write them to a textarea?
Posted by George at February 17, 2017 15:05:09 UTC
the far left x coordinate incorrectly makes x as 176px instead of 0 or 1px.
Posted by Sograteful at March 15, 2017 01:06:00 UTC
Dude thanks so much! This is absolutely amazing. Super super helpful.
Posted by Jim Fischer at April 4, 2017 19:41:48 UTC
Thanks for this program. Strangely, when I try to copy pairs into excell, the commas are not registered except for last 3 coordinates. This makes it difficult to split information into two separate columns (one for X and one column for Y). Could you make it so that the x and y data are easily separated? Thanks again !
Posted by Emma Lowe at May 30, 2017 19:51:58 UTC
The directions are ver well put (described)
Posted by Emma at May 30, 2017 20:08:00 UTC
The site won't let me submit it and when i go to upload my coordinates it won't let me it just says that i don't have and coordinates but i have 26!
Posted by Majid Ali Khan Quaid at May 31, 2017 11:18:22 UTC
Wow .. Great Site