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Posted by Bart at July 9, 2012 21:50:10 CEST
This SEPA XML generator unfortunately doesn't generate direct debit files. It misses the mandatory sequence types and mandate information to be imported by csv and in generates credit transfers instead. Or am I missing something?
Posted by Tester 1 at November 25, 2013 15:45:25 CET
What is purpose of "Payment reference" field here?
Currently both "Payment reference" and "Description" are mapped together to Unstructured element. Even if "Description" is set to "Absent". Is it more accurate if "Payment reference" were mapped to structured element if "Description" missing?
Posted by Theo at March 19, 2014 15:44:51 CET
Generated XML file gets rejected by bank stating that line item is not as per ISO-XML-standards (message-BAI500-0133. The line item is the last line item or the one prior to that, and this is as per demo file :-(
Posted by Machete at February 12, 2015 10:03:46 CET
what's the last date in the demo csv? Could you give me a description?
Posted by Leonard Maguin at January 2, 2017 11:32:23 CET
It seems to me that the generator isn't working.

Once all the errors fixed I'm clicking on 'Excecute' but nothing happens.
Is it compatible only with some navigators or something? I'm using W10 + chrome.

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Posted by Kairit at February 22, 2019 06:50:38 CET
Unfortunatly I I have no possibility to use this time the generator.
error code 5
Could you help

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Posted by Adeline Piquet at September 10, 2021 18:26:00 CEST
Unfortunatly I have no possibility to use the generator.
error code 5 it says
Could you help me please?

Many Thanks