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Posted by Anuj at September 25, 2008 06:29:55 CEST
How to generate self signed certificate sing DSA algorithim .
Posted by Localhost at August 6, 2009 03:18:34 CEST
Tried to generate a certificate to give it a try on my computer (domain = "localhost") and failed. It also don't work for

Thanks the same...
Posted by Agree With Localhost at October 30, 2009 22:54:38 CET
I was trying to create a self signed certificate for a local server also. Although, I have several so I pretty much need free form in that field without the CN checking.
Posted by Robert Lie at October 31, 2009 10:47:04 CET
By popular request, you can also add an ip address (for example:,, etc) or any internal domain name (for example: localhost, mobilefish.intranet, research.mobilefish.local).
Posted by Ed N. at November 24, 2009 16:54:10 CET
Thank You. This is wonderful!!!!!
Posted by Bob Robichaud at January 29, 2010 00:46:15 CET
Fantastic, this saves the lives of the little guy from excessive cost.
Posted by Vmukhar at June 17, 2010 16:33:13 CEST
Thanks :)
Posted by Admin at August 25, 2011 17:39:38 CEST
How can I use this on a microsoft 2008 server? Can I create a .pki somehow or are there other options.
Posted by Alois at December 4, 2011 15:18:14 CET
Works perfectly here with apache (xampp) en hmailserver.

Both secured with ssl, thanks !
Posted by Dipesh at December 23, 2011 11:11:34 CET

I have tried generated files for local PC and its giving me Win 32 error.

Will please let me know how it will work with XAMPP in Window 7 PC.

Posted by Ksuszka at February 23, 2012 10:27:40 CET
Nice tool.
Very useful feature would be ability to add alternative subject names, so you can generate single certificate working with various local names of the same host, i.e. foo, foo.local,,
Posted by Guy at November 14, 2012 14:27:02 CET
add pkcs#12 export feature, please!
Posted by Robert Lie at November 14, 2012 23:20:49 CET
Guy, pkcs#12 export feature is now implemented.
Posted by Alex at November 18, 2012 20:10:53 CET
Really helpful, worked like a charm each time!
Spared me having to use various obscure command line tools (which is something I hate)!

I've no idea why Microsoft sometimes makes simple things so difficult to get done.
Posted by Justin at November 21, 2012 12:09:28 CET
Thank for this simple step create certificate
Posted by Trevor L Ray at February 13, 2013 13:09:49 CET
I always used GNUPG & cryptophane to generate my keys and certs, but this is pretty easy. Saves me (and doubtless many others) a headache.
Kudos. 'Tis much appreciated.
Posted by Ralf Zrenner at February 26, 2013 23:25:22 CET

can you please use a "sha1RSA" signature algorithm instead of the now uses "md5RSA" because when using with google chrome i get a "weak algorithm" warning.
Posted by Random at March 7, 2013 16:32:53 CET
Anyone who is using this on production servers has a huge security flaw. You are giving the person who generates it your hostname and private keys...

Use openssl on linux (or an Ubuntu live CD) or Makecert.exe on windows.

Needless to say, awesome work and for small demos, example code, or throw-away code this is great. Nice work.
Posted by Ben at May 18, 2013 07:32:38 CEST
This is awesome I never knew there was a generator always used WHM to generate my crt files.
Posted by Justin at June 13, 2013 08:23:41 CEST
Is possible to create SSL certificate for iis ,i already requested from iis and i had csr file is possible ?
Posted by K405 at October 11, 2013 10:28:53 CEST
Why isn't this page 'behind' ssl?
Posted by Jan Lol at October 14, 2013 14:36:23 CEST
Could you make it possible to use any value as Common Name? It should not be limited to domain names, but can actually be a persons name, etc.

Posted by Raja at December 14, 2014 23:59:09 CET
getting error : certificate and private key do not match
Posted by Arun Declan at March 12, 2015 18:13:42 CET
Xcellent, thanks allot
Posted by David Reed at January 4, 2016 20:54:39 CET
I hope to report that it completed. I've been watching for over 5 min., so far, nothing. Not even an error. Still says processing.
Posted by Ari at February 11, 2016 17:09:32 CET
PKCS#12 has no download link available?
Posted by Super Piski at July 15, 2016 07:00:40 CEST
PKCS#12 export has been disappeared. Now there is only an ad under the text "Personal Information Exchange PKCS#12: "
Posted by Esosyo at July 18, 2017 20:04:59 CEST
very simple but
I could not integrate the certificate I created with "hmailserver"
Posted by Matthew Bimbo at October 4, 2017 18:05:11 CEST
how can I get these files in .crt and .key format? thx
Posted by Czehu at November 29, 2017 08:25:43 CET
The Self-Signed SSL Certificate didn't generate. I can see 'data not available' in the text box. I tried demo data as well...
Posted by Maris at May 20, 2019 17:13:12 CEST
Doesn't work. Does not generate a cert. "data not available" message in The Self-Signed SSL Certificate (cert) text box.
Posted by Pavel at April 27, 2020 09:36:10 CEST
Doesn't generate a cert. "data not available" message in The Self-Signed SSL Certificate (cert) text box.
Posted by Rajesh at May 25, 2020 18:07:00 CEST
thanks for good artcile
Posted by David Spector at July 10, 2022 17:30:34 CEST
I also got "data not available" for the cert. Is there a fix?
Posted by David Spector at July 10, 2022 17:32:02 CEST
How do I enter a SAN?