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Posted by Raymond Ho at April 12, 2013 15:08:37 CEST
Thank you for the most useful tool. From the description of the Unicode escape sequence consisting of 4 hexadecimal digits only, I presume the tool is based on UTF-16 i.e. 2-byte per character; furthermore, it does not support those Uniocde characters using surrogate bytes. I am trying to understand Unicode, your comment would be most valuable in my learning process. Also, is your tool restricted to converting UTF-16 codepoints in Plane 0 only?

Thanks for the tool and your reply in advance.
Posted by Jack at April 4, 2014 01:22:25 CEST
Can you post the Java code for the conversion from escaped to unicode?
Posted by Sku at March 13, 2015 08:47:28 CET
This tool rocks, forget the others, thank you