BBAN to IBAN converter help

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Upload source file (.txt) BBANs can be put in a text file and uploaded.
The text file must have file extension .txt.
The maximum file size is: 100 KB.

There are three methods to enter BBANs in a text file.
  • Method A

    Enter the country code followed by the complete BBAN number (check 1 + bank id + branch id + check 2 + account number + check 3).
    Comma separate the two values.

    For example:

    NL , ABNA0417164300
    IT ,X0542811101000000123456
    at, 1904300234573201
    DK, 0040 0440116243

  • Method B

    Enter the country code, followed by the first part of the BBAN number (check 1 + bank id + branch id), and the second part of the BBAN number (check 2, account number, check 3).
    Comma separate the three values.

    For example:

    PT, 00020123, 1234567890154
    NL, abna, 0417164300
    IT, X0542811101, 000000123456
    at, 19043, 00234573201
    DK, 0040, 0440116243

  • Method C

    Is the same as method B but if the first part or second part has leading zeros, you may leave them out (00006547500).
    Comma separate the three values.

    For example (compare with method B example):

    PT, 20123, 1234567890154
    NL, abna, 417164300
    IT, X0542811101, 123456
    at, 19043, 234573201
    DK, 40, 440116243
  • Country code consists of 2 alphabetic characters: A-Z, a-z.
  • BBAN has up to 30 alphanumeric characters: 0-9, A-Z, a-z.
  • Spaces and tabs are ignored.
  • This tools also checks if dutch back account numbers are eleven proof.
  • Each country code and BBAN must be on a separate line.
  • If you enter more than 4000 BBANs, only the first 4000 BBANs are being converted to IBANs.