Chinese handwriting recognition, help

Setting Remark
Applied action Select one of the following actions:
  • Convert Chinese text to HTML code numbers.
    Enter Chinese text (simplified and/or traditional) and all Chinese characters are converted into HTML code numbers (e.g.: 朋).
    The numbers are decimal values.

  • Convert HTML code numbers to Chinese text.
    Enter HTML code numbers (e.g.: 朋) and it will be converted into Chinese characters.
    The numbers must be decimal values.

  • Convert traditional Chinese text to simplified Chinese.
    Enter traditional Chinese text and it is converted into simplified Chinese.

  • Convert simplified Chinese text to traditional Chinese.
    Enter simplified Chinese text and it is converted into traditional Chinese.

  • Send a Chinese email message.
    You can send an email message containing Chinese text.
    No login or an account required.

  • Generate Chinese handwriting recognition data (intended for webmaster).
    You can ignore this action, it is only intended for the webmaster.