Online CSV to ClieOp file generator help

Setting Remark
Receive beneficiary's name Indicates whether the ordering party wants to receive the beneficiary's name in the case of unchecked business payments. This is only allowed if the ordering party has a special contract for this service.

Unchecked items have account numbers with up to 7 digits (former giro account numbers). These numbers have no self validating mechanism (11-test). To check these account numbers for authenticity you must supply the corresponding name (and if necessary the city). The bank will then apply name-number checks. If you are sure the account numbers are correct, you may specify these items as checked items. For checked items, the name (and city) is not necessary and the bank shall not apply name-number checks on account numbers with up to 7-digits.

Account numbers with 9 or 10 digits have a self-validating mechanism (11-test). The bank will not apply name-numbers checks and items which such account numbers are always considered checked items.