Dos command: net

command Description
net use Map a directory:
  1. On computer voyager, create a directory d:\test\dir1\dir2\dir3.
  2. Right click directory dir3 and select properties.
  3. Make directory dir3 a shared map and the share-name is mydir.
  4. You can also allow users to change files in this directory.
  5. On computer enterprise, type:

    net use v: \\\mydir * /USER:voyager\bill /PERSISTENT:YES

    • v: - is the free drive letter on computer enterprise.
    • - is the IP address of voyager.
    • mydir - is the shared name of dir3.
    • voyager - is the computer name where dir3 is located.
    • bill - is the user account on voyager.

  6. You must enter the password of bill on the voyager computer.
  7. Directory v:\mydir is created on computer enterprise.