Google Maps (API v2) help

Street, zip code, city, state
To determine which default Google Map should be displayed when your web page is loaded, do the following:
  1. Enter the street, zip code, city and/or state.
    You must enter it in this sequence, separated by a comma.
    You may omit one or more of these values.

    Example 1:
    1600 amphitheatre parkway, ca 94043, mountain view [Country: United States]

    Example 2:
    prinsengracht 267, amsterdam [Country: Netherlands]

    Example 3:
    11011 berlin-tiergarten, berlin [Country: Germany]

  2. Select the country where the street, zip code, city and/or state can be found.
  3. Press the button "Check if the address is valid".
  4. A popup window opens displaying the address information you entered earlier. Press the OK button.
  5. Google is contacted, to check if the location can be found. Press the OK button again.
  6. If the location is found, press the "Generate code" button.
  7. Zoom and/or move the map until you are satisfied and press again the "Generate code" button.
  8. The baloon marker, indicating the location, will only be displayed if the field "Enter info window text" contains a text.
  9. You can repeat steps 1-7 as many times.