Nominal interest rate and effective interest rate converter help

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Compounding period (N) Compounding refers to the frequency of charging or earning interest during the year.

For example, a quarterly compounding period indicates interest is paid or earned at three-month intervals.

The following compounding periods can be selected:
  • daily
    360, 364, 365 or 366 times per year

  • weekly
    52 times per year

  • bi-weekly (every two weeks)
    26 times per year

  • semi-monthly (twice a month)
    24 times per year

  • monthly
    12 times per year

  • bi-monthly (every two months)
    6 times per year

  • quarterly
    4 times per year

  • semi-annually (twice a year)
    2 times per year

  • annually
    1 time per year