QR code generator

Settings Remark
Block size Select the block size.
Allowed size: Min: 1 px - Max: 15 px

QR code sizes and colors

The block size refers to the black and white dots that make up QR code.

If the block size is large the generated QR code is more stable and easier to read with a QR code scanner. On the other hand, as the QR code symbol size gets larger, a larger printing area is required.

It is recommended that QR code symbols be printed as large as possible within the available printing area. It is recommended to set the block size to 5 px.

Here below are several examples by changing the block size:
  • Block size = 1px

    Block size: 1px

  • Block size = 2px

    Block size: 2px

  • Block size = 3px

    Block size: 3px

  • Block size = 4px

    Block size: 4px

  • Block size = 5px

    Block size: 5px

  • Block size = 6px

    Block size: 6px

  • Block size = 7px

    Block size: 7px

  • Block size = 8px

    Block size: 8px

  • Block size = 9px

    Block size: 9px

  • Block size = 10px

    Block size: 10px

  • Block size = 11px

    Block size: 11px

  • Block size = 12px

    Block size: 12px

  • Block size = 13px

    Block size: 13px

  • Block size = 14px

    Block size: 14px

  • Block size = 15px

    Block size: 15px

The QR codes above displays text: Hello world (ECC level: M)

If the QR code is to be scanned by a mobile phone it is recommended to set the block size to 5 px.