Online RSA key generation help

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Enter CRT exponent 1 (dP)
dP = d mod (p-1)
Private key B consists of:
  • CRT exponent 1 (dP)
  • CRT exponent 2 (dQ)
  • CRT coefficient (qInv)
  • Prime number p
  • Prime number q
Only the owner of this key pair is allowed to see the above mentioned values and is used to decrypt ciphertexts.

As you may have noticed there are two private keys A and B. Both private keys can be used independently to decrypt the ciphertext. Private key B uses the Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) which decypts the ciphertext 4 times faster as private key A.

Enter CRT exponent 1 (dP) or let this tool calculate this for you using the following formula:

dP = d mod (p-1)