Savings annuity calculator with graph help

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Periodic payment amount (PMT) The periodic payment amount is a stream of equal payments paid at the end of each payment period made at regular intervals over a specified period of time.

The amount may contain max two digits after its decimal point.
The amount entered may contain a comma (,) or point (.) as a decimal point separator.
Do not use the thousands separator in the amount.

Correct entered amounts

Incorrect entered amounts

The periodic payment amount (PMT) equation:
PMT = FV * (R/N)          and          FV = N * T * PMT + I
(1 + (R / N))N * T -1
FV = Future value
I = Interest amount
R = Nominal interest rate per year (as a decimal, not in percentage)
T = Time period in years
N = Number of compounding periods in one year
PMT = Periodic payment amount, paid at the end of each payment period

A sinking fund is when we know the future value of the annuity and wish to calculate the periodic payment amount.