Nokia Developer's Suite 1.0 for J2ME

Nokia Developer's Suite 1.0 for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition is an application development tool which can be integrated with IDE products such as the Sun ONE Studio 4, Mobile Edition. Version 1.0 provides enhanced usability and a possiblity to run your application simultaneously on multiple Nokia phone emulators. This tool with Nokia 6310i MIDP SDK Beta 0.9 includes MIDP APIs, classes, documentation and sample applications.

The phone simulation used in this SDK is designed to show how aplications may appear on J2ME enabled mobile phones. It simulates the look and feel and behaviour of the Nokia 6310i phone as faithfully as possible but there may be some differences between this simulation and the final product.

Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME, can be downloaded from:

Here below images of the Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME integrated with Sun ONE Studio 4, Mobile Edition.