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This service allows you to select a black and white 72x14 Nokia mobile phone operator logo (.nol) from the gallery and be downloaded directly to your mobile phone. No registration is required. Your mobile phone must be WAP or Web enabled.

All mobile phone logos on this site are free and remains free. Why should you pay for fun if you can get it free?
However your operator may charge you for using WAP or Web. Consult your operator to find out their specific charges.

All mobile phone logos on this site are work safe. Which means no adult content or other inappropriate subject matters.

If you have a cool, funny or an interesting mobile phone logo and you want to share it with the rest of the world, send it using the mail form. If a mobile phone logo on this site is your work and you want it removed contact me via the same mail form.

To erase an operator mobile phone logo you need to upload a blank logo.
This mobile phone logo can be found in the "miscellaneous" category, as the first logo.

How this free service works:
  1. First determine which mobile phone you have. If you do not know your mobile phone manufacturer and model or it is not listed here, just select:

    Manufacturer: Unknown Manufacturer
    Model: Unknown Model

  2. After you have selected your mobile phone, the mobile phone logo gallery will be displayed depending if your mobile support the .nol file format.

  3. Select a mobile phone logo category: animals, astrology, buildings, characters, love, messages, miscellaneous, money, music, objects, patterns, space, sport or transport.

  4. If you have found a logo, click on the logo. A small popup window opens where you must enter an access code to prevent automated logo generations.

  5. Each logo gets an unique ID. Write down this ID. You will need it to download the free logo onto your mobile phone.

  6. On your mobile phone enter one of these URLs depending which one your mobile phone supports:
  7. On your mobile phone select menu option: Download a file. See screenshot "download logo to mobile phone".

  8. On your mobile phone enter the ID to download the logo. See screenshot "enter id to download logo to mobile phone".

  9. Before you download the free logo on your mobile phone, check the displayed information.
    If you agree, select the Download file link. See screenshot "select download file link to download logo to mobile phone".

  10. The free logo is downloaded onto your mobile phone. See screenshot "logo downloaded to mobile phone".

  11. The logo will remain online for only 2 hours and then will be automatically deleted.

  12. To check if the logo is still available enter the ID in the section "Check availability of the selected free mobile phone logo". If the logo is not available anymore, just start all over again.

Mobile phone logos gallery (all for free)


Category: Objects

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