Mac OS

Mac OS is a Unix-based operating system and graphical user interface developed by Apple Inc.

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Access Windows shared folder from Mac computer


Operating system used
Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2
Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Software prerequisites

  1. Create a folder on the Windows PC called: shared

  2. Right click this folder. A popup menu opens. Select properties.

  3. Select tab General and disable "Hidden" attributes. Press Apply button.

    Disable hidden attributes.

  4. Select tab Sharing. Add the persons who will have access to this folder and press the Share button.
    For example:

    Enable file sharing

  5. Select tab Security. Select a group or user name and set it permissions. For example:

    Setting access permissions.

  6. If you have installed a firewall you must open port numbers:
    • 137, 138, 139 (Windows File Sharing, NetBIOS Server ports)
    • 445 (Microsoft Directory Server port)
    For example "McAfee Antivirus Plus".

    Open port numbers 137, 138, 139 and 445

  7. To get your PC ip address, open a dos box and type: ipconfig
    In this example the ip address is:

    Windows PC ip address

  8. The Mac and PC must be on the same network.
    To check this, the Mac and PC ip address must be in the same ip range.
    Goto the Mac computer:
    • Click the apple icon (top left corner) and select "About This Mac"

      Click Apple icon

    • Click button "More info..."

      About This Mac

    • Click button "System Report...".

      More info...

    • Select "Network"
      The Mac ip address can be found here.
      In this example the Mac ip address is
      The PC and Mac ip address are both in the same ip range 192.168.4.n which means they are both on the same network.

      In your situation the ip address range may be completely different, for example: 172.16.19.n

      Mac ip address

  9. Goto your Mac, start "Finder" application and select menu: Go | Connect to Server

    Finder connect to server

  10. Enter the following:
    smb://PC ip address/shared_folder_name
    For example: smb://

    Enter PC address

  11. Press Connect button.
    The Mac is now connected to the Windows PC and you can access the "shared" folder.

    Connect Mac to PC