Model-View-Controller Explained

The goal of the Model-View-Controller (Model 2) framework is to separate the application object (model) from the way it is represented to the user (view) from the way in which the user controls it (controller). In J2EE the MVC framework approach adheres to the following:
  • The controller translates interactions with the view into actions to be performed by the model. In J2EE the controller would be represented by servlets.
  • The model represents enterprise data and business rules that govern access to and updates to this data. In J2EE the model would be represented by JavaBeans or EJBs
  • The view represents the user interface. In J2EE the views would be represented by JSPs containing only presentation constructs (ie., no Java code).
MVC Architecture

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MVC song.

An MVC song has been written and performed by James Dempsey (Apple Operations Engineer) at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2003.

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