QR code

QR code (Quick Response) is a matrix code created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave.
It is a two-dimensional bar code which can store up to 7kB of data, such as: plain text, mobile telephone numbers along with a SMS message, contact cards (e.g VCards), geographic information, images and other information.

QR code: Welcome to Mobilefish.com

Example QR code, the message is: Welcome to Mobilefish.com

If a mobile phone is equipped with the correct reader software it can scan the QR Code.
Dependant on the keyword found, the mobile phone determines which action to be taken.

For example:
If the keyword http:// is found, it will cause the phone's browser to launch and redirect to the programmed URL.
The keyword is always the first few charaters of the message.

QR Code is open in the sense that the specification of QR Code is disclosed and that the patent right owned by Denso Wave is not exercised.

More information about QR code can be found at: http://www.qrcode.com/en/index.html

To create a QR code, see: An online QR code generator.

Quick guides

QR code keywords.

Content type Keyword Example Action to be taken
Contact information (vCard) sms:
Readers should open a new address book entry, populated with the given data, and prompt the user to add a new contact.
Email mailto: mailto:[email protected] Readers should open a blank e-mail message to the given address.
URL http:// https://www.mobilefish.com Readers should display the URL and ask the user whether to proceed to access the URL.
Text   Mobilefish.com Show text
Phone number tel: tel:+31653131313 Readers should pre-fill the phone number, but not automatically initiate a call.
SMS sms:
Readers should open a new SMS message, ready for the user to compose and send it.
Geographic information geo:
geo:52.45170,4.81118 Readers might open a mapping application like Google Maps to this location and zoom accordingly, or could open a link to this location on a mapping web site like Google Maps in the device's web browser.
More information about keywords can be found at: http://code.google.com/p/zxing/wiki/BarcodeContents