QR code generator

This service allows you to create QR (=Quick Response) codes, that can be scanned by a QR code scanner or other devices such as a mobile phone. Here are several QR code images created with this tool.
The QR code message is: Welcome to Mobilefish.com.

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You can also create large QR code images, see:
QR code large image size example 1 and QR code large image size example 2.

Instead of using a QR code image on your website you can implement a Javascript code to display the QR code.
See example "Display QR code with Javascript". To do this you need the following:
  • Download the code template "Display QR code with Javascript" and follow the installation instructions.
  • Generate the QR code in a binary form (qr_code_string) using this tool and implement the qr_code_string value inside the code template.
To create multiple QR codes, it is recommended to use the Online multiple QR codes generator.

How this QR code generator works:
  1. With this tool you can create QR codes for the following content types:
    • Text
    • URL
    • Phone number
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Business card (vCard)
    • Geographic location
    • WiFi access (Android only)
    • Bitcoin
    • Calendar event
  2. After you have selected a content type enter the required data in the corresponding fields.
    This tool allows you to enter upto 450 characters. You should scan the generated QR code with a camera phone to test if the embedded data can be extracted.
  3. This service will give you full control over:
    • The block size
    • The padding size
    • The border size
    • The background color
    • The block color
    • The border color

    The image below explains each of these values:
    QR code sizes and colors

    If the block size is large the generated QR code is more stable and easier to read with a QR code scanner. On the other hand, as the QR code symbol size gets larger, a larger printing area is required.
    It is recommended to set the block size to 5 px.

    The generated QR code image can be very large depending on the number of characters entered, block size, padding size and border size. To give you an idea how much a pixel (px) is, use the conversion tool to convert the pixel size in millimeters [mm], centimeters [cm], inches [in], points [pt] or picas [pc].

    px     Convert    

  4. The generated QR code can be rotated and converted into other image types.
  5. The generated QR code image can be downloaded in the output area.
  6. In this output area you also find the QR code in a binary form (qr_code_string).
    This qr_code_string value together with the code template "Display QR code with Javascript" are used to display the QR code.

Input QR code generator:

Content type *: Help
Text *: Help
Maximum text length is limited to 450 characters.

Block size: Help px
Padding size: Help blocks
Border size: Help blocks
Background color: Help Select background color
Block color: Help Select pixel color
Border color: Help Select border color
Image type: Help
ECC level: Help
Rotate image: Help deg counter clockwise      (Allowed angle: Min: 0o - Max: 360o)
* = required         

Output QR code generator:

No QR code