Online multiple QR codes generator

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are readable by smartphones, scanners and other devices. Many QR code generating web sites let you create single QR codes at a time. This can become time consuming if you need many QR codes, for example:
  • Creating convention badges that includes QR codes.
  • Creating QR codes for every item you sell on your web store.
  • Creating QR codes for house for sale signs.
  • Creating QR codes for clothing tags.
This service allows you to create 100 QR codes in one go by simply submitting a collection of texts.
You can also set the image width, image height, content type, ECC level, block shape, border size, border color, corner radius, 4 different texts each on a single line on the generated QR image and more.

Here are several QR code examples created with this tool.

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If you just need to create a single QR code, it is recommended to use the simpler QR code generator tool.

How this Multiple QR code generator works:
  1. To quickest way to demonstrate how this tool works, is by pressing this link which will prefill the form below with test data:

    Create credit card size convention badges (landscape), content type: business card

    • This will fill all fields with the necessary information.
    • The "Enter QR content" contains business card (vCard) information.
      Instead of entering data in this field you can upload a QR code text file.
    • Now you only need to enter the "Access Code" and press the "Convert" button.
    • The QR codes are generated.
    • In the output section press the button "Show the generated QR codes".
    • This will open a popup window showing the generated QR codes.
    • You can print the generated QR codes or download each image by clicking it.

  2. For more information press the help button (question mark) next to each field.
  3. You can use any latest browser if you want to print the QR code images.
  4. If you want to download each generated image you can use the latest Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome browser. You can not download the images when using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Input data for multiple QR codes:

Measurement unit : Help
Printer resolution *: Help dpi     [Allowed: 70 - 300 dpi]          Calculate printer resolution
Orientation: Help
Image width *: Help
Image height *: Help
Apply shadow effect: Help

Content type: Help        
Enter QR content *: Help
  Number of lines       Max. 100 lines allowed.
  -- Or --
Upload QR file *:
Max 100 KB.
ECC level: Help
Background color: Help Select background color
Block shape: Help
Block color: Help Select pixel color
QR code location: Help

Top border height: Help
Bottom border height: Help
Left border width: Help
Right border width: Help
Top border color: Help Select top border color
Bottom border color: Help Select bottom border color
Left border color: Help Select left border color
Right border color: Help Select right border color
Corner radius: Help
Padding size: Help

Text A: Help
Text B: Help
Text C: Help
Text D: Help
Text A alignment: Help
Text B alignment: Help
Text C alignment: Help
Text D alignment: Help
Text A color: Help Select text color A
Text B color: Help Select text color B
Text C color: Help Select text color C
Text D color: Help Select text color D
Text A font: Help
Text B font: Help
Text C font: Help
Text D font: Help
Text A font size: Help
Text B font size: Help
Text C font size: Help
Text D font size: Help
All texts bold: Help
To prevent automated submissions an Access Code has been implemented for this tool.   access code
Please enter the Access Code as displayed above*:  
* = required          
Generating the QR codes will take between 2 and 60 seconds.
Please be patient.

Output multiple QR codes:

No output