Online ping

This service allows you to check if a server is online and responding, given an IP address or hostname and port number. The online ping service works by sending a 32 bytes packet to the specified address and waiting for a reply.

Ping usage:
  • Enter IP address or hostname.
    For example: or
  • Select ping count.
    Select the number of ping packets (1 - 5) to be sent to the specified address.
  • Enter timeout in sec.
    If the host does not respond within the specified timeout time, this service will display a "Request timed out".
  • Enter port number.
    This ping service allows you to specify a port number to be pinged.

Ping given IP address or hostname:

IP address or hostname *:  
Ping count:  
Timeout in sec:  
Port number:  
* = required       

Ping output: