European clothing standard EN 13402 pictogram generator

This tool allows you to create your own custom EN 13402 pictogram with one or more body dimensions.
The EN 13402 pictograms can be used for:
  • as a sizing hang tag to be affixed to every item of apparel
  • on web pages
  • in clothing catalogues
  • in little cards where you can record your own body mesurements for easy reference
Here are several EN 13402 pictograms created with this tool.

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EN 13402 is a European standard for labelling clothes sizes. It is based on the body dimensions of the wearer, measured in centimetres. It replaces many older national dress-size systems in popular use before the year 2007. Acceptance of this form of standardisation varies from country to country.

The standard EN 13402 "Size designation of clothes" is based on:
  • body-dimensions
  • the metric system (SI)
  • data from new anthropometric studies of the European population performed in the late 1990s
  • similar existing international standards (ISO 3635, etc.)
The EN 13402 standard consists of four parts:
  • EN 13402-1: Terms, definitions and body measurement procedure
    The first part of the standard defines the list of body dimensions to be used for designating clothes sizes, together with an anatomical explanation and measurement guidelines. All body dimensions are measured, preferably without or as few as possible clothes, in centimetres, except for the body mass which is measured in kilograms (kg).

    This tool allows you to create 4 different pictograms that can be used in language-neutral labels to indicate one or several of the following body dimensions:

    EN 13402 body, hand and foot pictogram

  • EN 13402-2: Primary and secondary dimensions
    The second part of the standard defines for each type of garment one "primary dimension". This is the body measure according to which the product must be labelled. Where men's garments use the chest girth, women's clothes are designed for a certain bust girth.

    For some types of garment, a single measure may not be sufficient to select the right product. In these cases, one or two "secondary dimensions" can be added to the label. This tool will indicate which is a primary or secondary dimension depending on the selected garment.

  • EN 13402-3: Measurements and intervals
    The third part of the standard defines preferred numbers of primary and secondary body dimensions.

    The product should not be labelled with the average body dimension for which the garment was designed (i.e., not "height: 176 cm."). Instead, the label should show the range of body dimensions from half the step size below to half the step size above the design size (e.g., "height: 172-180 cm.").

    For heights, for example, the standard recommends generally to use design dimensions, with a step size of 8 cm. This tool does not account for the EN 13402-3 standard.

  • EN 13402-4: Coding system
    The fourth part describes a five character manufactures coding system for clothes sizes. It is mostly intended for industry to use in databases and as a part of stock-keeping identifiers and catalogue ordering numbers. Writing out all the centimetre figures of all the primary and secondary measures from EN 13402-2 can in some cases require up to 12 digits. The full list of centimeter figures on the pictogram contains a lot of redundancy and the same information can be squeezed into fewer digits with lookup tables. EN 13402-4 defines several such tables. They list all in-use combinations of EN 13402-3 measures and assign a short 2- or 3-digit code to each. This tool does not account for the EN 13402-4 standard.

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