Online Web FTP

This web based FTP client is mainly aimed for developers where FTP access is not allowed in their network.

In order to use this service, you must disable your browser popup blocker.

There are servers offering anonymous FTP. This permits you to log in with the user name anonymous or the user name ftp. When prompted for a password, it is courtesy to type your email address.

FTP can be run in active mode or passive mode, which control how the data connection is opened. In active mode the client sends the server the IP address port number that the client will use for the data connection, and the server opens the connection. Passive mode was devised for use where the client is behind a firewall and unable to accept incoming TCP connections. The server sends the client an IP address and port number and the client opens the connection to the server.

When using this web based FTP client, the following file size limits are applied:
  • The maximum upload filesize is 5 MB.
  • The maximum download filesize is 5 MB.
This online web FTP uses the phpWebFTP script written by Edwin van Wijk and can be downloaded from

Connect to FTP Server:

Server *: Port *:
  Passive mode:
* = required