Electronic business card vCard generator

This service allows you to create electronic business cards in vCard file format.
vCards are often attached to e-mail messages, but can also be placed on a web page. It contains name and address information, phone numbers and many more. This tool creates simplified vCards for business use where only the most commonly properties are used.

The following is an example of a vCard generated by this tool:

FN:Mr. John W. Smith Jr.
TITLE:Software engineer
ORG:XYZ Corp.;Research and Development
ADR;WORK:;Suite 101;320 East 79th Street;New York;NY;10021;United States of America
TEL;WORK;VOICE:+1 (212) 555-1237
TEL;WORK;FAX:+1 (212) 555-1210
TEL;CELL;VOICE:+1 (212) 555-1232
EMAIL;PREF;INTERNET:[email protected]

Input electronic business card vCard generator:

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Output electronic business card vCard generator:

The electronic business card (vCard):