World clock and time zones

This service shows the current local time of major cities of each country around the world right now.

Table information:
  • Zone
    The world is divided in 10 zones:
    Africa, America, Antarctica, Arctic, Asia, Atlantic, Australia, Europe, Indian and Pacific.
    Each country belongs to one of these zones.
  • Country
    The country name
  • City
    The city name
  • Day
    The city current local day.
    Mon=Monday, Tue=Tuesday, Wed=Wednesday, Thu=Thursday, Fri=Friday, Sat=Saturday, Sun=Sunday
  • Time
    The city current local time.
    The time display can be set to 12 hours or 24 hours (military).
  • TZ
    TZ is the abbreviation for Time Zone.
    Click the time zone name for more information.
  • UTC
    UTC is the abbreviation for Coordinated Universal Time.

World clock and time zones:

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