Mugshot maker

This free online service allows you to create mugshots of yourself with your webcam straight from your browser. Just make sure your webcam is plugged in. No registration is required.

  1. Webcam attached to your PC or laptop
  2. One of the following browsers installed:
    • Firefox 2.0 or higher
    • MSIE 6.0 or higher
    • Safari 3.0 or higher
    • Chrome 0.3 Beta or higher
  3. Flash Player 9 or higher installed

How this online mugshot maker works:
  1. Click the "Allow" button in the Adobe Flash Player Settings to enable access to your webcam.

    Adobe Flash Player Settings

  2. Fill in the mugshot maker form below and select a law enforcement logo (this is optional).
    The logo will be displayed in the mugshot top right corner.
  3. Position yourself in front of the webcam. You should see yourself in the webcam output.
    Use the guidelines to position your head as demonstrated below.
    Crown is the top of your head without hair.

    Webcam head position

  4. Click the "Take snapshot" button.
  5. A 5 sec time delay is applied before the snapshot is taken.
    The generated mugshot may look like this:

    Mugshot example

  6. The mugshot photos are in png format and are private. The mugshot photos will not be publicly displayed.
  7. Click the "Download mugshot" button to save the pictures locally to your computer.
  8. All mugshot photos taken remain online for only 10 minutes and then will be automatically deleted.

Please read the privacy policy. is not responsible for the mugshots taken and the use of this services is entirely at user's own risk.

Input mugshot maker

Police dep.: Help Max. 22 chars.
Name: Help Max. 30 chars.
Crime: Help Max. 40 chars.
Booking Info: Help Max. 50 chars.
Border text: Help Max. 50 chars.
Height: Help
Law enforcement logo: Help
No law enforcement logo selected

Webcam output:

top of crown
    - Mouseover the webcam output if the guidelines are not displayed.

Webcam settings: Help    

Output mugshot maker