Free online practice exams

This service provides you with free online practice exams. No registration required.
Currently the following exams are offered: Java and ActionScript.

How to use the free online practice exams:
  • Select a subject and the categories to be examined in.
    Each category has a number of questions, indicated by the number between the brackets.
  • To start the exam, press button "Start New Exam".
    Each time you press this button the questions and even the answers are randomly displayed thus generating an unique exam.
  • When the exam is started, in the top right, you will see a clock running including the current question id and the total number of questions being examined in. This depends on the subject, for example:
    a Java exam has a maximum of 72 questions.
  • To answer a question, select one or more checkboxes and press the "Next" or the "Back" button.
  • At any time you can get the solution by pressing button "Show Solution".
    The checkboxes in green are correct.
  • If you have answered all questions you will be graded.
    At any time you can grade yourself by pressing button "Grade Exam".
  • If you close your browser and at a later time return to this page (but within 14 days), you can immediately continue with your exam from where you left off the last time you pressed the Next or Back button.
    Do not press button "Start New Exam" otherwise a new unique exam is generated.
  • If you find an error, press the Report an error (Report an error) icon to send an email.

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