XML sitemap generator / CSV to XML sitemap converter

This tool generates an XML sitemap which is made for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to help them crawl your website better and to speed up the time it takes for your pages to be crawled by these search engines. XML sitemaps are very effective if your website has many hidden or hard to find pages.

The generated XML sitemap complies with the Sitemap protocol.

How this service works:
  • This tool provides two methods to create an XML sitemap:
    • Method 1
      Let this tool spider your website for maximum 2 minutes or less to gather unique links.
      Please only spider your own site!
      During the crawl the following actions are applied:

      1. URLs are extracted from the crawled pages from the HTML tags <a href="url">
        and <frame src="url">
      2. The extracted URLs are not checked if they are broken.
      3. The extracted relative URLs are converted into absolute URLs.
      4. The extracted URLs not belonging to your domain (external site) are excluded.
      5. The extracted URLs may be excluded based on your specified excluded file extensions or excluded directories
      6. The extracted URLs, which passes the above checks, are used in the XML sitemap (up to 1000 links).

    • Method 2
      Instead of crawling your website, you can upoload a CSV file with your website unique links and let this tool convert it into an XML sitemap.
      See a CSV sitemap links example

  • After you have selected a method, press the "Start" button.

  • In the output area you can download the following files:

    • nnnn_sitemap.xml
      This is the uncompressed XML sitemap file.
      You may rename this file into anything you want for example: sitemap.xml.
    • nnnn_sitemap.xml.gz
      This is the same XML sitemap file as above but now compressed.
      The extension .gz stands for GNU Zip.
      GNU Zip or .gz is a free GNU software implementation of a compression algorithm.
      It is similar to Zip, but free, not proprietary.
    • nnnn_links.txt
      This is NOT an XML sitemap file!
      This file only contains the unique links and is only generated if method 1 is chosen.

How to install the generated XML sitemap file on your website:
  • Place the generated nnnn_sitemap.xml or nnnn_sitemap.xml.gz (you may rename these files) on any location on your website, for example:

    -- or --

  • Create a robots.txt file and add the following line in this file, for example:

    Sitemap: https://www.mobilefish.com/maps/nnnn_sitemap.xml.gz
    -- or --
    Sitemap: https://www.mobilefish.com/maps/nnnn_sitemap.xml

  • Place the robots.txt file in your website docroot, for example:

  • Now you have installed the XML sitemap on your website. It is also recommended to upload your sitemap.xml in Google, see: Google Webmaster Tools

Method 1. Input XML sitemap generator:

Starting URL *: Help
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Last modification date: Help Select date Hide <lastmod>
Exclude file extensions: Help
Please enter a file extension, each on a separate line.
Each file extension must start with a "."
For example:
Excluded directory paths: Help
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Each directory path must start with a forward slash "/"
For example:

Method 2. Input CSV to XML sitemap converter:

Upload CSV file (.txt) *:
Max 800 KB.
CSV file must be formatted: loc | lastmod | changefreq | priority
Only loc is required. Use the pipe "|" character as delimiter.
See a CSV sitemap links example
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Output XML sitemap generator / CSV to XML sitemap converter: