How to serve midlets on a web server

To enable the web server to serve midlets, you need to set the following MIME types on the web server:

  • text/ for .jad files (Java Application Descriptor files)
Besides configuring the web server, make sure the following is done:
  • In the JAD file the MIDlet-Jar-Size attribute must contain the correct size of the JAR file.
  • In the JAD file the MIDlet-Jar-URL attribute must contain the HTTP URL where to fetch the JAR file. For example,
  • Place the JAR and JAD file in a public area of your web server.
Now the customer can download the midlet on its mobile device:

  • On the mobile device, start the Java Application Management (JAM) software and select the wireless installation option.
  • Enter the URL of the Java Application Descriptor (JAD).
    For example,
  • The mobile device will now download and install the application.