Whois servers list

An overview is given for all whois servers (port 43) which provide information about registered top level domains. The following groups of top-level domains can be distinguished:
  • Generic top level domains gTLD (for example: .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, .org, .pro)
  • Country code top level domains ccTLD (for example: .nl, .de, .it, etc.)
  • Sponsored top level domains sTLD (for example: .aero, .asia, .cat, .coop, .edu, .gov, .int, .jobs, .mil, .mobi, .museum, .tel, .travel)
  • Infrastructure top level domain (for example: .arpa)
To display information about a registered domain you can use the online whois service or if you want to get this information yourself on a Windows environment you first need to download and unzip the whois tool. Download whois tool from: http://download.sysinternals.com/Files/Whois.zip

After the tool is unzipped, type:
whois domainname [whois.server]

For example:
whois google.nl

The domain name can be either a DNS name (e.g. google.nl) or an IP address (e.g. ICANN IANA NRO AfriNIC APNIC ARIN LACNIC RIPE ARIN LACNIC RIPE AfriNIC APNIC ICANN, IANA and RIR.

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Whois servers list

Top level domainCountry / descriptionwhois serverRegional Internet RegistriesDomain name registrar
ad Andorra whois.ripe.net RIPE -
ae United Arab Emirates whois.aeda.net.ae RIPE -
aero Air-transport industry whois.aero ICANN Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques SC
af Afghanistan whois.nic.af APNIC -
ag Antigua and Barbuda whois2.afilias-grs.net
ai Anguilla whois.ai ARIN -
al Albania whois.ai RIPE -
am Armenia whois.amnic.net RIPE -
an Netherlands Antilles - LACNIC -
ao Angola - AfriNIC -
aq Antarctica - ARIN -
ar Argentina - LACNIC -
arpa Operationally-critical infrastructural identifier spaces whois.iana.org ICANN IANA
as American Samoa whois.nic.as APNIC -
asia Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific community whois.dotasia.net
ICANN DotAsia Organisation
at Austria whois.nic.at RIPE -
au Australia whois.ausregistry.net APNIC -
aw Aruba - LACNIC -
ax Aland Islands - RIPE -
az Azerbaijan whois.ripe.net RIPE -
ba Bosnia and Herzegovina whois.ripe.net RIPE -
bb Barbados - ARIN -
bd Bangladesh - APNIC -
be Belgium whois.dns.be RIPE -
bf Burkina Faso - AfriNIC -
bg Bulgaria www.register.bg
bh Bahrain - RIPE -
bi Burundi - AfriNIC -
biz Business Organizations whois.biz ICANN NeuStar, Inc
bj Benin whois.nic.bj AfriNIC -
bl Saint Barthelemy - ARIN -
bm Bermuda - ARIN -
bn Brunei Darussalam - APNIC -
bo Bolivia whois.nic.bo LACNIC -
br Brazil whois.nic.br LACNIC -
bs Bahamas - ARIN -
bt Bhutan - APNIC -
bv Bouvet Island - ARIN -
bw Botswana - AfriNIC -
by Belarus whois.cctld.by RIPE -
bz Belize bzwhois.verisign-grs.co LACNIC -
ca Canada whois.cira.ca ARIN -
cat Catalan linguistic and cultural community whois.cat ICANN Fundació puntCa
cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands ccwhois.verisign-grs.com APNIC -
cd Congo, The Democratic Republic of the - AfriNIC -
cf Central African Republic - AfriNIC -
cg Congo - AfriNIC -
ch Switzerland whois.nic.ch RIPE -
ci Cote d'Ivoire whois.nic.ci AfriNIC -
ck Cook Islands whois.ck-nic.org.ck APNIC -
cl Chile nic.cl
cm Cameroon - AfriNIC -
cn China whois.cnnic.net.cn APNIC -
co Colombia - LACNIC -
com Commercial whois.verisign-grs.com
ICANN Verisign Global Registry Services
coop Co-Operative Organizations whois.nic.coop ICANN Dot Cooperation LLC
cr Costa Rica - LACNIC -
cu Cuba - LACNIC -
cv Cape Verde - AfriNIC -
cx Christmas Island whois.nic.cx APNIC -
cy Cyprus whois.ripe.net RIPE -
cz Czech Republic whois.nic.cz RIPE -
de Germany whois.denic.de RIPE -
dj Djibouti - AfriNIC -
dk Denmark vocal.dk-hostmaster.dk
dm Dominica whois.nic.dm ARIN -
do Dominican Republic ns.nic.do LACNIC -
dz Algeria - AfriNIC -
ec Ecuador whois.nic.ec LACNIC -
edu Education whois.educause.net
ICANN Educause
ee Estonia myristaja.eenet.ee
eg Egypt whois.ripe.net AfriNIC -
eh Western Sahara - AfriNIC -
er Eritrea - AfriNIC -
es Spain whois.ripe.net RIPE -
et Ethiopia - AfriNIC -
eu European Union whois.eu RIPE -
fi Finland whois.ficora.fi RIPE -
fj Fiji - APNIC -
fk Falkland Islands (Malvinas) - LACNIC -
fm Micronesia, Federated States of - APNIC -
fo Faroe Islands whois.ripe.net RIPE -
fr France whois.nic.fr RIPE -
ga Gabon whois.ripe.net AfriNIC -
gb United Kingdom whois.ripe.net RIPE -
gd Grenada whois.adamsnames.com ARIN -
ge Georgia whois.ripe.net RIPE -
gf French Guiana - LACNIC -
gg Guernsey whois.gg RIPE -
gh Ghana - AfriNIC -
gi Gibraltar whois2.afilias-grs.net RIPE -
gl Greenland whois.ripe.net RIPE -
gm Gambia whois.ripe.net AfriNIC -
gn Guinea - AfriNIC -
gov United States Government whois.dotgov.gov ARIN -
gp Guadeloupe - ARIN -
gq Equatorial Guinea - AfriNIC -
gr Greece whois.ripe.net RIPE -
gs South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands whois.cocca.cx
gt Guatemala - LACNIC -
gu Guam - APNIC -
gw Guinea-Bissau - AfriNIC -
gy Guyana whois.registry.gy LACNIC -
hk Hong Kong whois.hkdnr.net.hk
hm Heard Island and McDonald Islands webhost1.capital.hm ARIN -
hn Honduras whois2.afilias-grs.net LACNIC -
hr Croatia whois.ripe.net RIPE -
ht Haiti whois.nic.ht LACNIC -
hu Hungary whois.nic.hu RIPE -
id Indonesia - APNIC -
ie Ireland whois.domainregistry.ie RIPE -
il Israel register.isoc.org.il
im Isle of Man whois.nic.im RIPE -
in India whois.inregistry.net APNIC -
info Open TLD whois.afilias.net ICANN Afilias Limited
int International Organizations whois.iana.org ICANN IANA
io British Indian Ocean Territory whois.nic.io APNIC -
iq Iraq - RIPE -
ir Iran, Islamic Republic of whois.nic.ir RIPE -
is Iceland min.isnic.is
it Italy whois.nic.it RIPE -
je Jersey whois.je RIPE -
jm Jamaica - ARIN -
jo Jordan whois.ripe.net RIPE -
jobs Jobs jobswhois.verisign-grs.com ICANN EmployMedia LLC
jp Japan whois.jprs.jp APNIC -
ke Kenya whois.kenic.or.ke AfriNIC -
kg Kyrgyzstan whois.domain.kg RIPE -
kh Cambodia - APNIC -
ki Kiribati whois.nic.ki APNIC -
km Comoros - AfriNIC -
kn Saint Kitts and Nevis - ARIN -
kp Korea, Democratic People's Republic ofwhois.kcce.kp APNIC -
kr Korea, Republic of whois.krnic.net
kw Kuwait - RIPE -
ky Cayman Islands - ARIN -
kz Kazakhstan whois.nic.kz RIPE -
la Lao People's Democratic Republic whois.nic.la APNIC -
lb Lebanon - RIPE -
lc Saint Lucia - ARIN -
li Liechtenstein whois.nic.ch
lk Sri Lanka - APNIC -
lr Liberia - AfriNIC -
ls Lesotho - AfriNIC -
lt Lithuania www.whois.lt
lu Luxembourg whois.dns.lu RIPE -
lv Latvia whois.ripe.net
ly Libyan Arab Jamahiriya whois.nic.ly AfriNIC -
ma Morocco whois.iam.net.ma AfriNIC -
mc Monaco whois.ripe.net RIPE -
md Moldova, Republic of whois.nic.md RIPE -
me Montenegro whois.meregistry.net RIPE -
mf Saint Martin - ARIN -
mg Madagascar whois.nic.mg AfriNIC -
mh Marshall Islands - APNIC -
mil United States Military - ARIN Defense Information Systems Agency
mk Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of whois.ripe.net RIPE -
ml Mali - AfriNIC -
mm Myanmar - APNIC -
mn Mongolia whois.nic.mn APNIC -
mo Macao - APNIC -
mobi Mobile products and serviceswhois.dotmobiregistry.net ICANN mTLD Top Level Domain, Ltd
mp Northern Mariana Islands - APNIC -
mq Martinique - ARIN -
mr Mauritania - AfriNIC -
ms Montserrat whois.nic.ms ARIN -
mt Malta whois.ripe.net RIPE -
mu Mauritius whois.nic.mu AfriNIC -
museum Museums whois.museum ICANN Museum Domain Management Association
mv Maldives - APNIC -
mw Malawi - AfriNIC -
mx Mexico whois.nic.mx LACNIC -
my Malaysia whois.mynic.net.my APNIC -
mz Mozambique - AfriNIC -
na Namibia whois.na-nic.com.na AfriNIC -
name Reserved for individuals whois.nic.name ICANN Global Name Registry
nc New Caledonia - APNIC -
ne Niger - AfriNIC -
net Networks whois.verisign-grs.com ICANN Verisign Global Registry Services
nf Norfolk Island - APNIC -
ng Nigeria - AfriNIC -
ni Nicaragua - LACNIC -
nl Netherlands whois.domain-registry.nl RIPE -
no Norway whois.norid.no RIPE -
np Nepal - APNIC -
nr Nauru - APNIC -
nu Niue whois.worldnames.net
nz New Zealand srs-ak.srs.net.nz
om Oman - RIPE -
org Organizations whois.publicinterestregistry.net ICANN Public Interest Registry
pa Panama - LACNIC -
pe Peru kero.yachay.pe LACNIC -
pf French Polynesia - APNIC -
pg Papua New Guinea - APNIC -
ph Philippines - APNIC -
pk Pakistan - APNIC -
pl Poland whois.dns.pl RIPE -
pm Saint Pierre and Miquelon whois.nic.pm ARIN -
pn Pitcairn - APNIC -
pr Puerto Rico whois.nic.pr ARIN -
pro Credentialed professionals and related entities whois.registrypro.pro ICANN RegistryPro
ps Palestinian Territory, Occupied - RIPE -
pt Portugal hercules.dns.pt
pw Palau - APNIC -
py Paraguay - LACNIC -
qa Qatar - RIPE -
re Reunion whois.nic.fr
ro Romania whois.rotld.ro RIPE -
rs Serbia whois.rnids.rs RIPE -
ru Russian Federation whois.ripn.net RIPE -
rw Rwanda - AfriNIC -
sa Saudi Arabia nic.net.sa
sb Solomon Islands whois.nic.net.sb APNIC -
sc Seychelles whois2.afilias-grs.net AfriNIC -
sd Sudan - AfriNIC -
se Sweden whois01.prod.iis.se
sg Singapore eos.nic.net.sg
sh Saint Helena whois.nic.sh ARIN -
si Slovenia whois.arnes.si RIPE -
sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen - RIPE -
sk Slovakia whois.sk-nic.sk RIPE -
sl Sierra Leone - AfriNIC -
sm San Marino whois.ripe.net RIPE -
sn Senegal whois.nic.sn AfriNIC -
so Somalia whois.nic.so AfriNIC -
sr Suriname - LACNIC -
st Sao Tome and Principe whois.nic.st AfriNIC -
su Soviet Union (being phased out) whois.ripn.net RIPE RIPN
sv El Salvador - LACNIC -
sy Syrian Arab Republic - RIPE -
sz Swaziland - AfriNIC -
tc Turks and Caicos Islands whois.adamsnames.tc ARIN -
td Chad - AfriNIC -
tel Businesses and individuals to publish their contact data whois-tel.neustar.biz
ICANN Telnic Limited
tf French Southern Territories whois.nic.fr
tg Togo - AfriNIC -
th Thailand whois.thnic.net APNIC -
tj Tajikistan - RIPE -
tk Tokelau whois.dot.tk APNIC -
tl Timor-Leste whois.nic.tl APNIC -
tm Turkmenistan whois.nic.tm RIPE -
tn Tunisia whois.ripe.net AfriNIC -
to Tonga whois.tonic.to APNIC -
tp Portuguese Timor (being phased out) - APNIC www.nic.tp
tr Turkey www.nic.tr
travel Travel industry whois.nic.travel ICANN Tralliance Corporation
tt Trinidad and Tobago - LACNIC -
tv Tuvalu tvwhois.verisign-grs.com APNIC -
tw Taiwan whois.twnic.net
tz Tanzania, United Republic of - AfriNIC -
ua Ukraine whois.net.ua RIPE -
ug Uganda whois.co.ug AfriNIC -
uk United Kingdom whois.nic.uk RIPE Nominet
um United States Minor Outlying Islands - ARIN -
us United States whois.nic.us ARIN -
uy Uruguay whois.nic.org.uy LACNIC -
uz Uzbekistan whois.cctld.uz RIPE -
va Holy See (Vatican City State) whois.ripe.net RIPE -
vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines whois2.afilias-grs.net ARIN -
ve Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of whois.nic.ve LACNIC -
vg Virgin Islands, British whois.adamsnames.tc ARIN -
vi Virgin Islands, U.S. - ARIN -
vn Viet Nam - APNIC -
vu Vanuatu - APNIC -
wf Wallis and Futuna whois.nic.wf APNIC -
ws Samoa whois.worldsite.ws
ye Yemen - RIPE -
yt Mayotte whois.nic.yt APNIC -
yu Yugoslavia (being phased out) whois.ripe.net RIPE RNIDS
za South Africa - AfriNIC -
zm Zambia - AfriNIC -
zw Zimbabwe - AfriNIC -