Wanted poster generator

This service allows you to create a western or modern style wanted poster.
Instead of a wanted poster you can also create a lost, missing, stolen, found or have you seen poster.
Here are several posters created with this tool:

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How this wanted poster generator works:
  1. Upload any of the following filetypes (max file size = 900 KB): .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp.
  2. For the best result upload an image with an approximate size of 1942x1630px or smaller.
  3. Enter your text in lines 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Lines 3 and 4 are optional.
  4. The following ASCII characters are allowed:
    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz     (will be converted to upper case)
    @ , . ' "  :  ; ! ? % & # { } [ ] | / \ < > + - ( ) _ = ^ * ~ $
  5. Select a background color or a background image.
  6. Select a font type.
  7. By default the generated poster will have an image size of 2480x3508px (A4 paper size).
    You can scale the poster to a smaller size by entering an image width.
  8. Optionally lines or nails can be added.
  9. The poster can be converted into a grayscale image.
  10. To generate the poster press the "Generate poster" button.

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Input wanted poster generator:

Upload image file *:
Max 900 KB.
Text line 1*: Help
Characters entered:      Please enter max 14 characters.
Text line 2*: Help
Characters entered:      Please enter max 31 characters.
Text line 3: Help
Characters entered:      Please enter max 31 characters.
Text line 4: Help
Characters entered:      Please enter max 31 characters.
Text line 5*: Help
Characters entered:      Please enter max 20 characters.
Poster background color *: Help Select background color
Background color or image

Wanted poster background
-- Or --
Poster background image *: Help
Font type *: Help
Image width (150px - 2480px) *: Help px
Draw lines *: Help
Draw nails *: Help
Convert to grayscale image *: Help
To prevent automated submissions an Access Code has been implemented for this tool.   access code
Please enter the Access Code as displayed above*:  
* = required          

Output wanted poster generator:

No wanted poster generated.