HTML 5 canvas examples

This guide contains useful HTML information.

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HTML 5 canvas examples

Here below you will find several canvas examples.

Music symbols canvas examples
The music symbols in the examples looks approximately the same as the symbols found in the unicode chart U1D100.pdf.

The canvas size must be limited to 3000 x 3000 px. If larger size is used the behaviour becomes unpredictable (especially in Firefox).

Music symbol Description
Treble clef Treble clef
Bass clef Bass clef
Alto clef Alto clef
Staff Music staff
Whole note Whole note
Notehead open Notehead open
Notehead closed Notehead closed
1/2 note stem up 1/2 note stem up
1/2 note stem down 1/2 note stem down
flag down flag down
flag up flag up
1/128 note stem up 1/128 note stem up
1/128 note stem down 1/128 note stem down
Whole and 1/2 rest whole rest and 1/2 rest
1/4 rest 1/4 rest
1/8 rest 1/8 rest
1/128 rest 1/128 rest
Single bar single bar
Dashed bar dashed bar
End bar end bar
Dot dot
Sharp sharp
Sharp flat
Natural natural
Common time 4/4 time or common time
Cut common time 2/2 time or cut common time
Music Music title