Linksys Wireless AP Router 4-Port (BEFW11S4 ver. 3)

The Linksys wireless access point router with 4-port switch (also known as the "Wireless Router", Model BEFW11S4) connects your wireless network to a high-speed broadband internet connection and a 10/100 Fast Ethernet backbone. The wireless router enables users to share cable or DSL Internet access, files or printers as well as play games and music with the freedom and convenience of wireless mobility.
The Linksys wireless access point router can be configured thru a web browser.

Linksys BEFW11S4 configuration

The configuration of the wireless router is based on the following situation:

Linksys Configuration Setup

Operating system used
Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1 SP 2


  1. Install the ADSL modem and wireless router (read the manuals).

  2. Connect the ADSL modem, wireless router and PC with each other.

  3. Configure the ADSL modem (read the manual).

  4. Configure the wireless router, open a web browser and enter:

    Leave the User Name field empty and enter "admin" (the default password) in the Password field.

  5. The Linksys configuration pages are displayed, click on each item below to see how I configured my wireless router. Your ISP might require different settings!

    Select Tab Notes:
    • Set the wireless router IP address. e.g.:

    • Set the subnet mask. e.g.:
    • Enable wireless. This enables the wireless communication between laptop and wireless router.

    • SSID is the unique name for your wireless network. The default SSID is linksys. To make your wireless network more secure change this SSID. e.g.: mynetwork

    • SSID broadcast must be disabled to make your wireless network more secure.

    • Make the WEP mandatory to make your wireless network more secure.

    • Set the WEP Key Setting.
      To make your wireless network more secure create a 128 bit WEP key. Write down the key, you will later need it when configuring your wireless adapter on your PC or laptop.

    • WAN Connection Type is set to "Obtain an IP address automatically" because the ADSL modem DHCP is enabled (automatic).
    Password The wireless router has a default password: "admin". To make your wireless network more secure change this password.
    Status Displays the routers current status and settings.
    DHCP Enable DHCP, otherwise you have to assign IP address manually.
    Log If you are interested in the access logs you might consider enabling this.
    Security If you have children and you are using AOL client software, you might consider enabling this.
    Help If you need help manuals or want to upgrade the firmware.
    Advanced | Filters If you want to prevent certain PCs or laptops on your network from accessing your internet connection you can set it here.
    Advanced | Forwarding  
    Advanced | Dynamic Routing  
    Advanced | Static Routing  
    Advanced | DMZ Host  
    Advanced | MAC Addr. Clone The wireless router has a MAC address. You can "change" the MAC address here.
    Advanced | Wireless
    • Station MAC filter is enabled.
      This means that only specific network adapters (= network cards) with its unique MAC address can "communicate" with the wireless router. This is an extra security measure to make sure that only specific hardware can communicate with the wireless router.

      To determine a network card MAC address, type in a dos window:

      ipconfig /all

      e.g.: 12-56-45-14-DE-00

    • Change Authentication Type to Shared Key.
      • Open systems Authentication
        Permits any client to use the Wireless Access Point (WAP) as long as they know the SSID.
      • Shared-key authentication
        Uses the WEP key as a shared-key to be exchanged between the client and the WAP as a simple form of authentication. WEP must be enabled to use shared-key authentication.
      • Both
        Permits either or these methods to work.

  6. To summarize how to secure your Linksys Wireless Access Point, the following configuration settings must be set: