MIME types

MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a standard for describing different types of information. MIME content types consists of a main type and a subtype. The main type declares the general type of media, and the subtype defines the specific format for that media. The two are separated by a forward slash, "main type/subtype". For example, image/jpg has a main type of image, and the subtype is jpg.

There are 8 main types:
  • application
  • audio
  • image
  • message
  • model
  • multipart
  • text
  • video
The combination of main type and subtype is generally called a MIME type. The subtypes can be divided into:
  • a standard subtype
  • a vendor specific subtype (indicated by "vnd")
  • an experimental or unofficial subtype (indicated by "x")
The MIME types are maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and the official listing of defined MIME types can be found at: http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/

This list below (last updated: 22 dec 2005) is based on the information retrieved from: http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/

Note 1:
The experimental subtypes are not displayed below because they are unofficial.

Note 2:
Display an unofficial list of MIME types.
This list (mime.types) can be found in the Apache 2.0.55 installation.

An overview of most used mobile content MIME types.

MIME type File extension Remark
application/java-archive .jar Java archive
application/mtf .mtf Motorola theme
application/vnd.alcatel.animation .ani Alcatel animation (converted animated GIF file)
application/vnd.alcatel.colorpalette .pco Alcatel image (256 color picture)
application/vnd.alcatel.picture .pic Alcatel icon
application/vnd.alcatel.seq .seq Alcatel polytone (converted MIDI file)
application/vnd.alcatel.vox .vox Alcatel sound format (converted WAV files)
application/vnd.eri.thm .thm Sony Ericsson theme
application/vnd.mophun.application .mpn Sony Ericsson mophun game file; this file only runs on a mophun runtime environment
application/vnd.nok-s40theme .nth Nokia theme
application/vnd.nokia.gamedata .nqd Nokia game data
application/vnd.Nokie.ringing-tone .rng Nokia ringtone
application/vnd.rn-realmedia .rm RealMedia video format
application/vnd.siemens-mp.skin .scs Siemens color scheme; compressed file containing several files
application/vnd.siemens-mp.theme .sdt Siemens theme file; compressed file containing several files
application/vnd.symbian.install .sis Symbian installation
application/x-nokiagamedata .ngd Nokia gama data
application/x-pmd .pmd Polyphonic ringtone format
application/x-smaf .mmf Samsung truetone format
audio/adpcm .adp LG truetone format
audio/amr .amr Nokia truetone format
audio/midi .mid MIDI audio format
audio/midi .midi MIDI audio format
audio/mp4 .mp4 Video and audio format
audio/mpeg .mp3 MPEG audio format
audio/x-aac .aac Nokia audio format
audio/x-wav .wav WAV audio format
image/gif .gif GIF format
image/jpeg .jpeg JPEG format
image/jpg .jpg JPG format
image/png .png PNG format
image/vnd.nok-3dscreensaver .n3a Nokia screensaver
image/vnd.nok-oplogo-color .nol Nokia operator logo (GIF image)
image/vnd.wap.wbmp .wbmp WAP content: WAP bitmap image
image/x-bmp .bmp BMP image
text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor .jad J2ME content: Java Descriptor file
text/x-co-desc .cod Nokia Content Object Description file
text/x-emelody .emy Sony Ericsson eMelody sound format
text/x-imelody .imy iMelody is a feature-rich ringtone format.
text/x-vCalendar .vcs vCalendar is a format for an electronic calendaring and scheduling.
text/x-vCard .vcf Exchanging information about people and resources.
video/3gpp .3gp Music and video format
video/avi .avi AVI video format
video/mpeg .mpeg MPEG video format