The Dojo Toolkit is a modular open source JavaScript toolkit (or library), designed to ease the rapid development of cross platform, JavaScript/Ajax based applications and web sites.
More information about Dojo can be found at:

The latest Dojo toolkit version can be downloaded from:

Installing Dojo v1.2.3

  1. Create on your webserver the directory <docroot>/scripts

  2. Download Dojo Toolkit 1.2.3 (Dojo + Dijit + DojoX): dojo-release-1.2.3.tar.gz.

  3. Unzip the content of file dojo-release-1.2.3.tar.gz into <docroot>/scripts

  4. Rename directory <docroot>/scripts/dojo-release-1.2.3 into <docroot>/scripts/dojo

  5. Verify if your installation is working, enter the following urls in your browser: