Ethereal is an open source network packet analyzer. It captures network packets and displays the packets data.

Ethereal is made available under the GNU GPL License.

Ethereal currently runs on most UNIX platforms and various Windows platforms.

The latest Ethereal version can be downloaded from:
The latest Ethereal documentation can be found at:

Installing Ethereal 0.99


Operating system used
Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1 SP 2

Software prerequisites

  1. Download Ethereal (windows release) ethereal-setup-0.99.0.exe from

  2. Start ethereal-setup-0.99.0.exe and press Next button.

    Ethereal setup

  3. Press I Agree button.

    Ethereal license

  4. Press Next button.

    Ethereal components

  5. Press Next button.

    Ethereal tasks

  6. Choose a directory winwhich to install Ethereal. For example: C:\Tools\Ethereal.
    Press Next button.

    Ethereal location

  7. Enable "Install WinPcap 3.1" and press Install button.

    Ethereal WinPcap

  8. Ethereal is being installed. Press Next button.

    Ethereal installation

  9. Ethereal is installed. Press Finish button.

    Ethereal finish