With the MicroEmulator you can easily demonstrate midlets on a website thru applets.

The MicroEmulator, written by Bartek Teodorczyk, is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC/MIDP Emulator and it is based on J2SE 1.3. MicroEmulator is free software, distributed under the Lesser GNU Public License, which means it is distributed at no charge for commercial or non-commercial use.

More information about MicroEmulator can be found at:

The latest MicroEmulator version can be downloaded from:

A tutorial about how to skin the MicroEmulator to look like a real mobile phone can be found at: http://www.petitpub.com/labs/j2me/me/tutorial/

Installing MicroEmulator as an application.

The MicroEmulator comes with three different skins: Operating system used
Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1 SP 2

Software prerequisites
Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) SDK, version 1.3 or higher.

  1. Create directory C:\Tools\microemulator

  2. Add your midlets (.jar and .jad files) inside the C:\Tools\microemulator directory.

  3. Download and unzip microemulator-app-swing-2.0.0.tar.gz

  4. Add the following microemulator jar files inside the C:\Tools\microemulator directory:
    • me-applet.jar (required)
    • minimum.jar (optional: to display minimum skin)
    • large.jar (optional: to display large skin)
    • nokiaui.jar (optional: for Nokia APIs support)
    • siemensapi.jar (optional: for Siemens APIs support)

  5. There are two methods to start MircoEmulator:

    Method 1
    • Open a DOS window and got to C:\Tools\microemulator.

    • Run MicroEmulator:
      java -cp me-app.jar;your_midlet.jar org.microemu.app.Main your_midlet_application_main_class

    Method 2
    • Open a DOS window and go to C:\Tools\microemulator.

    • Run MicroEmulator:
      java -cp me-app.jar org.microemu.app.Main your_midlet.jad

    Note: You can select another JAD file using the File menu option.

  6. To display another skin:

    Default skin
    • java -cp me-app.jar;your_midlet.jar org.microemu.app.Main your_midlet_application_main_class


    Minimum skin
    • java -cp me-app.jar;minimum.jar;your_midlet.jar org.microemu.app.Main --device org/microemu/device/minimum/device.xml your_midlet_application_main_class

    Minimum skin

    Minimum skin (with mouse and color)
    • java -cp me-app.jar;minimum.jar;your_midlet.jar org.microemu.app.Main --device org/microemu/device/minimum/device-color.xml your_midlet_application_main_class

    Minimum skin with color and mouse

    Large skin
    • java -cp me-app.jar;large.jar;your_midlet.jar org.microemu.app.Main --device org/microemu/device/large/device.xml your_midlet_application_main_class

    Large skin

  7. Add nokiaui.jar or siemensapi.jar if you want Nokia APIs or Siemens APIs support.
    • java -cp me-app.jar;nokiaui.jar;your_midlet.jar org.microemu.app.Main your_midlet_application_main_class