Flex is a free open source framework that helps you build dynamic, interactive rich internet applications.
Flex applications are delivered on the web via the Flash Player or to the desktop via Adobe AIR.

Flex applications can be built using the free Flex SDK, or the commercial Adobe Flex Builder 3 an Eclipse based IDE software to accelerate development. The Flex Builder 3 can be tried for free for 60 days.

More information about Flex:
Adobe Flex
Adobe Flex Getting Started Guide
Adobe Flex Developer Center

Installing Flex Builder 3


Operating system used
Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1 SP 2

Software prerequisites
Java Virtual Machine: Sun JRE 1.4.2 or higher.

  1. Download Flex Builder 3 Professional (FB3_win.exe)

  2. Run FB3_win.exe and press OK button.

    Flex Builder installation step 1

  3. Press the Next button.

    Flex Builder installation step 2

  4. Accept the license agreement and press the Next button.

    Flex Builder installation step 3

  5. Choose your installation folder and press the Next button.

    Flex Builder installation step 4

  6. Select additional installations and press the Next button.

    Flex Builder installation step 5

  7. The pre-installation summary is displayed. Press the Install button.

    Flex Builder installation step 6

  8. Adobe Flex Builder 3 is being installed.

    Flex Builder installation step 7

  9. After the installation is finished a message is displayed.

    If errors occured during the installation, you can find it in:
    C:\Tools\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\Adobe_Flex_Builder_3_InstallLog.log

    In this file you can find the following:

    Installation: Successfulwith errors.
    3875 Successes
    0 Warnings
    2 NonFatalErrors
    0 FatalErrors
    C:\Tools\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\Installers\QTP_Plugin_Installer.exe
    Status: ERROR
    C:\Tools\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\Installers\ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder\ColdFusion_Extensions_for_Eclipse.zip
    Status: ERROR

    The 2 NonFatalErrors were caused because i did not install the additional installations, see step 6.

    Note 1:
    C:\Tools\Adobe\Flex Builder 3 is my installation folder. You have probably chosen another folder.

    Note 2:
    There is another log file available:
    C:\Tools\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\FlashPlayerMergeModule_InstallLog.log

    Flex Builder installation step 8

  10. To start using Flex Builder 3, run C:\Tools\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\FlexBuilder.exe

    Flex Builder installation step 9

  11. Enter your serial key or press Continue Trial button.

    Flex Builder installation step 10

  12. Flex Builder 3 is displayed.

    Flex Builder installation step 11